Andrew Shue Underwear, Shirtless, LA Galaxy Uniform Photos

Andrew Shue Underwear, Shirtless, LA Galaxy Uniform Photos. Question: Can you name an actor who is also a football player and is also an internet entrepreneur? Of course we can, we won’t call ourselves Famewatchers if we can’t answer that question.

The name you are looking for is Andrew Shue who played Billy Campbell in Melrose Place, kicked soccer balls for the Los Angeles Galaxy (you may know it as David Beckham’s current team), and is one of the brains behind mom social networking site, CafeMom.

andrew shue shirtless

Now, since today is all about “male celebrity underwear” blogging, let us ignore Andrew Shue’s noteworthy achievements and talk about his underwear, shall we?

Apparently, he is more of a boxers kind of guy as seen in the pic below. Question for those in the know: Is the pic from one of his movies/TV projects or, since its obviously taken from a locker room, is it from his stint as a LA Galaxy football player?

andrew shue underwear boxer shorts

Now there is no question that the next pic below is a screencap from Melrose Place, where our Andrew plays the role of a “struggling writer adapting to life out of his parents’ control”. Want more men in boxers underwear?

andrew sue underwear boxers in melrose place

And there is also no question that the next pic below is from his Los Angeles Galaxy playing days. What position did he play in, you ask? A Sports Illustrated article from 1996 mentions that he is a midfielder.

andrew shue los angeles galaxy uniform

We can’t publish that pic above without giving you a quote from Andrew about soccer and life.

From Sports Illustrated: “To me soccer is like life. You’re constantly moving and striving toward a goal, but you have to accomplish it within a flow. There are times when you come so close and get derailed, but that makes it all the more satisfying when you reach your destination. That’s why you see players drop to their knees and cry when they score. There may be only three times in your life, or even one time, when you truly shine, but that doesn’t negate the rest of the process.”

So is Andrew gay or straight? And what exactly is he doing now? Well, he got married to media person Amy Robach back in 2010 and, we presume, he is busy with the management of operation of Cafemom which is one of the most trafficked websites in the whole wide world (with a 1,588 Alexa ranking) and which was named by Time Magazine as one of “great websites” in 2011.

That’s quite a feat, Mr. Shue!

Andrew Shue Underwear and Shirtless Photos: LA Galaxy Uniform. Posted 19 January 2013.