Jared Leto Underwear and Shirtless Photos


Wondering whatever happened to 1990s hunk Jared Leto? Well, he’s been doing some music stuff with his band 30 Seconds to Mars and, apparently, he’s been growing his hair too.

Now, Jared is back in the limelight with an album called This is War. Says Jared of their new album:

“I don’t know what to say. We spent two years of our lives working on that record, and it was us against the world. We didn’t have outside influence or help, we didn’t have a label, we had us, betting the farm, and pushing ourselves. There were times that it was overwhelming. Everything that was going on was brutal, but there were beautiful moments as well. There was so many outside influences that were in conflict that working on the record was actually quite peaceful. It was a case of survival, to tell the truth.”

Okay, okay, we get it Jared. Welcome back. We like your denim jacket but we hope you lose that big hair of yours.

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UPDATE: Jared Leto Underwear and Shirtless Photos, 10 May 2011

Here are some pretty interesting underwear photos of Jared Leto. If you are like us, you would have blurted, “What the heck, is that really Jared Leto?” The answer, dear reader, is a big fat “Yes, it’s really Jared!”. But these are from a photoshoot for Purple Magazine which shows Jared’s weight gain in the 2007 indie movie, Chapter 27. In said movie, Jared plays the role of Mark David Chapman, the crazy guy who killed John Lennon.

The movie is a box-office bomb but Jared deserve props for deglamorizing himself. But he’s always been an edgy actor so we’re not surprised.