Beyonce Plastic Surgery: Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Beyonce Plastic Surgery: Boob Job? Did Beyonce Knowles undergo some breast augmentation procedure? Surgeons who know about this kind of thing point at the photo above as evidence that the famous singer had a plastic surgery to enhance her breasts. Where’s the evidence in the photo, you ask? It’s in the scar in her armpit. Apparently, breast implants can be placed through the armpits; the armpit is usually used for people with darker skin as this area is resistant to keloid formation.

beyonce plastic surgery breast augmentation

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Beyonce Plastic Surgery 2017 Update: Surgeon’s Opinion. We are updating this post on Beyonce plastic surgery speculations to give you a surgeon’s take on the issue.

In an interview with Radar Online, here’s what Dr. Anthony Youn says about the matter: “It appears that she’s had a rhinoplasty, causing her nose to look noticeably thinner and refined. Her upper lip also looks like it may have been moderately enhanced, possibly with a filler like Juvederm. Her smile lines, aka the nasolabial folds, also appear to have been reduced, maybe with an injectable filler like Restylane.”

So there you have it, CelebritySurgeryWatchers. Do note that Dr. Youn is just a medically informed public observer and has not treated Beyonce in any way shape or form.

Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos. Do these photos prove Dr. Youn’s observation that Beyonce had her nose enhanced? What do you think?

beyonce plastic surgery nose job before and after

beyonce plastic surgery before and after

beyonce plastic surgery then and now

beyonce plastic surgery lip enhancement

beyonce plastic surgery before and after photos

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Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos posted 4 July 2010. Updated 28 March 2017.