Daniel Craig Underwear: 2xist Peekabo, Briefs, & Boxers

Daniel Craig Underwear. Look who’s wearing a 2xist underwear? It’s freaking James Bond (aka Daniel Craig) himself that’s who! Let’s speculate on what particular kind of 2xist undies our Daniel is wearing. We’d like to think its one of them 2xist organic soy underwear but we’re not sure if he’s into the “green lifestyle”.

daniel craig underwear 2xist

We’re pretty sure though that our Daniel is not wearing a 2xist long johns thermal underwear because, you know, you don’t wear a thermal under your jeans, right? Maybe he’s wearing thong briefs? Seriously, we really really would like to see our Daniel wearing a thong. Doncha? [Want more male celebrity underwear?]

daniel craig underwear by 2xist

Who’d have thunk Daniel is a 2xist fan?

daniel craig underwear preference

Daniel Craig Underwear Update (posted 04 May 2011). Our blog critic Deena criticized us for blogging about Daniel Craig’s underwear and not mentioning this picture at all. When she showed it to us, we went “Are we seeing what we are seeing?” Tell us Famewatchers, are you seeing what we are seeing. Please tell us we’re not imagining things!

Anyhoo, can you imagine if he’s wearing a more revealing white swimsuit?

daniel craig underwear boner

Daniel sure loves his square cut swimwear, huh?

Judi Dench on Daniel’s Monster. Okay, silly us, we googled for similar photos like the one above but what came out is a story about Daniel’s co-star Judi Dench who told the Daily Star (a British tabloid) that our Daniel has an “absolute monster” down there. Well, here’s what she actually said:

“It’s an absolute monster! Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. How uncouth of me!”

Thanks Judi. You may be uncouth but you confirmed what we suspected all along when we saw these swimsuit photos.

daniel craig james bond swimsuit