Boys Tank Tops: Teen Hollywood Celebrities in Tank Top Shirts

Boys Tank Tops: Teen Hollywood Celebrities in Tank Top Shirts. Let’s add boyish-looking Kyle Hayward to our list of guys in athletic shirts or tank tops. White athletic shirts look good on anyone, eh? It’s an ageless classic which is sure to outlive us all. It will always be “in fashion”. We’ll bet ten dollars that pretty muscle boys like Kyle will be wearing this style a hundred years from now.

boys tank tops shirts

Now what do you think of Kyle’s hat? It’s better looking that Justin Bieber’s hat that’s for sure. Check out these other men’s hats worn by your favorite celebrities.

boys tank tops kyle hayward

Wait, there’s more teen boys in tank top shirts? Here’s Hollywood teen superstar Taylor Lautner rocking his Dolce & Gabbana athletic shirt!

Of course, before Taylor Lautner, the king of the Teen Hollywood Tank Tops is no other than Zac Efron himself. He’s grown nicely into a Hollywood hunk and, within a few years, he’d be one of the top leading men of tinseltown. You can count on that, baby. As long as night follows day, Zac will be the new Brad Pitt and the new George Clooney.

Another famous teenage guy who looks cool in his white tank top shirt is Nick Jonas. How old is Nick now? We think he’s 17 or 18 years old. Are we correct, Deena?

In ending, we’d like to ask you whether you agree with the statement written in Nick’s pic below that one should only wear tank tops or muscle shirts if one’s got some muscles to show off. Agree or disagree?


White Tank Top Shirt, Board Shorts for Zac Efron’s Beach Adventures
26 July 2010

Oh goody, is there any man sexier than Zac Efron in his white tank top shirt? The Disney teen star is becoming a man and we’re loving what we’re seeing. He’s just getting hotter and hotter everyday, isn’t he? That’s why our good friend Deena is so looking forward to Zac’s Charlie St. Cloud movie.

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