Where is Tulsey Town Ice Cream Located? Real Place or Not?

Where is Tulsey Town Ice Cream Located? Real Place or Not? Anyone of you watched I’m Thinking of Ending Things and wondered where you can buy a Tulsey Town ice cream?

Yeah, we did.

Now, is there a name for the phenomenon where we want to try the food stuff we see in movies? Like, you know, people buying Yakult because they saw Peter Kavinsky drink and buy a “Korean yogurt” for his girl. Or us wanting to eat Oreo Brr! which you can, apparently, get from a Tulsey Town Ice Cream parlor.

While watching the movie, we got the impression that Tulsey Town is an ice cream chain like Dairy Queen and that it must have a big clientele since it is open 24/7. Also, because it has a jingle and was advertising itself back when television was still black and white, we initially thought that it must be an established brand with a presence in small towns across the good old U.S. of A.

Turns out however that Tulsey Town Ice Cream is fictional. Or at least there’s no chain of stores which goes by that name, has a clown’s head for a logo, and a jingle that goes, “I’m your favorite clown from Tulsey Town where ice cream grows on trees”.

Anyhoo, here are some images of the fictional Tulsey Town Ice Cream parlor we screencapped from the show. First, the Tulsey Town mean girls (played by Hadley Robinson and Gus Birney) with lead actress Jessie Buckley.

tulsey town ice cream location

Oh, lead actor Jesse Plemons was also there but he didn’t want to deal with the meanies.

tulsey town ice cream location girls

The Tulsey Town Ice Cream logo of a female clown.

tulsey town ice cream logo

The nice girl, played by Abby Quinn, prepares Oreo Brr! for her two customers.

tulsey town ice cream oreo brr

tulsey town ice cream oreo brr - preparation

The more it sticks to the cup, the better it is. Apparently.

tulsey town ice cream oreo brr - 2

Black and white TV advert and jingle for the store.

tulsey town ice cream jingle advertisement

For those of you looking for the lyrics of the song, it goes:

I’m your favorite clown
From Tulsey Town
Where ice cream grows on trees
So have no fear
Come and join me here
And eat much as you please
I will turn your frown
Fully upside down
When you take your very first bite
Of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry
We are open day and night.

tulsey town ice cream song lyrics

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