Sebastian Croft Shirtless, Boyfriend, Heartstopper Hunk

Sebastian Croft Models Underwear. Guess who’s posing in his underoos for Arena Homme Magazine? Well, you obviously already know the answer considering the title of this post but, yes, our Heartstopper star Sebastian Croft is the dude in question. Here’s the pic in case you missed it elsewhere.

sebastian croft underwear model

Sebastian Croft Shirtless, Boyfriend, Heartstopper Hunk (5 May 2022). Anyone of you annoyed by Benjamin “Ben” Hope in the Netflix LBGT Heartstopper? We find his douchiness annoying and we cannot wait for the main character to kick him to the curb and we sure were glad it happened. But, if you were annoyed with the character in a movie or a TV show, its because the actors playing them are doing a good job to make you feel something. In the case of Ben Hope, we gotta say that Sebastian Croft really did an amazing job embodying the character. So we should give big props to the guy for making us fret. Haha.

sebastian croft in heartstopper

sebastian croft being cute

sebastian croft gay in real life

Sebastian Croft Gay or Straight in Real Life? The answer? We don’t know. Some Redditor mentioned that he is a member of the LGBT community so we went a-looking for sources which confirms that but we can’t find any. However, we did find this photo of him on Instagram wearing a rainbow pin with co-star Joe Locke.

sebastian croft gay or girlfriend

sebastian croft boyfriend joe locke

Oh, we gotta mention that some sources are saying that the Seb and Joe are dating in real life but we really do not know if this is true because they haven’t said anything about the matter. What we do know is that they love to take photos together as you can see in the preceding images. These, of course, ain’t proof that they are dating because your Famewatchers Kevin and Deena are always taking photos together and they sure are not dating. Anyhoo, by the way, we grabbed these pics from Sebastian’s Instagram page which you might want to follow @sebastiancroft.

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sebastian croft model actor

And here’s a shirtless pic of the actor which was screencapped from an episode of Doom Patrol which aired a year ago in 2021. For his upcoming projects, check out Dampyr about a half-human and half-vampire where he will be playing the role of Yuri. Another upcoming project for the actor is Wonderwell which is a coming-of-age fairy tale about a naive and inquisitive 12 year-old-girl. Of course, we are keeping our fingers crossed that Heartstopper will be getting a second season and that the actor will continue to portray his role as the annoying Ben Hope.

sebastian croft shirtless doom patrol 2021

sebastian croft shirtless

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