Adam Kodra Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend: Below Deck

Adam Kodra Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend: Below Deck. So, I was just listening to my favorite reality TV podcast and they were talking about Below Deck and, boy, they are not impressed with this new guy named Adam Kodra. According to them, our newbie Adam is not good at doing his job as a deckhand, sticks his nose into matters that does not concern him, and is generally annoying as some New Yorkers — particularly Brooklynites — tend to be. Haha.

Because we haven’t watched the show, we really are not sure whether they are describing him correctly but, while listening, one thing we thought about goes, “Sure, he may be all that, annoying and all but does he look good in his Speedo?”

Turns out, the guy can’t swim — what????? And he works for a yachting company???? — so we will never know. He looks good in his military all-white uniform though. We grabbed these photos from Adam’s instagram page which you might want to follow @adamvk__. Want more hot men in uniform?

adam kodra below deck hot in uniform

He also looks great in his rugby uniform which is our favorite uniform ever in the world of men’s sports. Oh wait, we actually like Speedo swimsuits more. Haha.

adam kodra hot rugby stud - below deck

Our Adam may be bad at his job of being a deckhand but he’s good at skateboarding as you can see below and, we presume, playing rugby.

adam kodra shirtless below deck

A shirtless pic of Adam because why not, no?

adam kodra shirtless at sea

Adam Kodra Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Unfortunately, we do not have the answers for these questions at this time but, as we usually do, we will update this post once we have the correct information. For the time being here’s our Adam on the deck of the M/Y Northern Sun on Bravo’s Below Deck Down Under.

adam kodra below deck brooklyn

We gotta hand it to Bravo, we thought Below Deck is gonna be an unremarkable show that would get cancelled after a season or two but it is a hit for the network. It’s not a Housewives megahit, sure, but it’s been a consistent performer for Bravo.

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