Derek Hough Now: He’s Got A Fiancee

Derek Hough Now: He’s Got A Fiancee. So, how’s the blond dancing cutie that is Derek Hough doing these days? Apparently, he’s got himself a girlfriend!!! Not only that, he and his gal Hayley Erbert are engaged. He proposed in June 2 last year, she said yes, and the two are scheduled to tie the knot in 2023. Anyhoo, here’s a picture of the lovey-doveys we grabbed from Derek’s Insta (follow him @derekhough):

derek hough girlfriend Hayley Erbert

All these years, we thought Derek is a friend of Dorothy but, it turns out, he’s not. You gotta give it to the guy too. At 38 years old, he’s now entering Zaddy territory but he’s just as hot when we first caught our eye as the dancer who keeps winning DWTS trophies. Let’s be very clear, though: he won those awards because he is often paired with celebrity contestants who can actually dance and would have won even if Derek was not their partner. The one time he was paired with an older woman in Marilu Henner, he was not very not to her.

But enough with that, here are more pics of Derek in his underoos. The first one is from an episode of Bear Grylls TV show where the British adventurer/TV host gets to undress his guests in the wilderness. Haha. The next one is from Derek’s Insta.

derek hough underwear yoda

derek hough underwear 2023

Derek Hough Underwear 21 April 2011. Hello Famewatchers who are googling Derek Hough’s underwear, here’s what we found. Apparently, our favorite DWTS male professional dancer wears Hanes Underwear, a brand which is based in Salem, North Carolina.

derek hough hanes underwear peekabo

Charlie Sheen used to be one of the “faces” of the underwear brand but they have dropped him last January 2010 following his many troubles with the law. If the Hanes people really want a law-abiding spokesmodel who’s not going to give them a headache, they should hire Derek Hough. After all, he apparently actually wears the brand.

Derek Hough in Adidas Jogging Pants (22 February 2010). Look who’s got himself an Adidas running pants? Well, it’s no other than blond dancing dude Derek Hough. Doesn’t he kinda sorta look like Zac Efron with his big hair and kinda skinny body? Seriously, check out these shirtless Zac Efron photos. Maybe they are long lost cousins?

derek hough shirtless running

Another guy who may also be considered as a spitting image of Derek is American male model/adult actor Kaden Saylor who, like Zac and Derek, also looks good when he goes shirtless.

derek hough running pants

You know, of course, that Derek is a professional dancer, right? In fact, he’s one of the winningest pros in Dancing With the Stars. Here are some entries we wrote earlier when he partnered with Lil Kim during one DWTS season.

Lil Kim and Derek Hough – Jive – Dancing With the Stars – Video (14 April 2009). Wow, what an amazing performance. Lil Kim and Derek Hough get the highest scores of the night. It’s about time a pair steps up and grab the lead (at least in this episode) from Gilles and Cheryl. It makes for a more exciting competition if the champion’s not yet been crowned, no?

Lil Kim and Derek Hough Are Dancing Partners in DWTS (21 February 2009). Are you going to watch the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars? Here’s another pair that will try to dance their way into your hearts during the show which is coming very, very soon. Go Lil Kim and Derek Hough.

lil kim derek hough dwts

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