Keanu Reeves Fashion Style: Jeans and Blazer

Keanu Reeves Fashion Style: Jeans and Blazer. Are blazers and jeans a good fashion combination for men? Of course it is a good combination. It’s a great casual wear and, depending on the colors, you might also be able to rock the blazer-jeans combo during semi-formal or casual-formal events.

keanu reeves fashion style jeans blazer

Oh, if you are a famous celebrity with A-List name recognition, you can also use blazer and jeans to go incognito which appears to be what Keanu Reeves is trying to do in these photos. The paps recognized him though.

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Keanu Reeves Fashion: Leather Jacket and Leather Pants. Keanu Reeves is seen in these photos wearing a leather jacket in the 2001 baseball movie, Hard Ball, about a young man Connor O’Neill who coached a Little League team of young brats who taught him valuable life lessons.

Okay, we didn’t actually watched the movie but we won’t be surprised if the film is something like that.

Okay, we gotta admit that there’s really nothing remarkable about Keanu’s leather jacket but his leather pants in the next picture below is pretty badass. Right? The pants was reportedly custom-designed by Terri King. Pretty awesome leather trousers.

keanu reeves leather pants

Keanu Reeves to Star in Jekyll Movie (08 May 2009). Keanu Reeves is reportedly going to star in an upcoming remake of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Universal Pictures. Justin Haythe, of Revolutionary Road will reportedly write the script while Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, writer-director of the “Pusher” trilogy of gritty thrillers, is in negotiations to direct the movie which is currently titled “Jekyll”.

Keanu Reeves Shirtless Beach Photos. Keanu Reeves, who looks like he’s been hibernating like Robbie Williams, is back in the public eye as we can see him here playing in the water with a girl.

Good thing he’s sunning himself because he looks pasty white.

Hey Keanu, is that your girlfriend? And have you gotten less toned? Where did your muscles go, Keanu. Hibernation ate them?

Keanu Reeves Fashion Style: Jeans and Blazer, Leather Jacket and Pants. Posted 8 May 2009. Updated 31 May 2017.