Jimmy Fallon Shirtless Photos: Gay or Crossdressing Enthusiast?

Jimmy Fallon Shirtless Photos: Gay or Crossdressing Enthusiast? If there is a contest on the Most Number of Times a Male Hollywood Celebrity Dressed Up as a Woman, we have no doubt that late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon will win it hands down. Doesn’t he look pretty in the black sleeveless gown he’s wearing above?

jimmy fallon wearing womans dress

Want more of Jimmy’s cross-dressing photos? Check him out as a teen girl.

jimmy fallon crossdressing

Take two.

jimmy fallon as sara from nickelodeon

Jimmy as a mom dancer in The Evolution of Mom Dancing with First Lady Michelle Obama.

jimmy fallon as a woman

Jimmy as the crazy Republican lady that is Michelle Bachman.

jimmy fallon as michelle bachman

Jimmy Fallon as Hilary Swank.

jimmy fallon as hilary swank

We’re pretty sure there are other photos out there of Jimmy wearing women’s clothes but we already have enough. We won’t be surprised if he actually wears these clothes in private because why not. Hehe. [Want more men wearing women’s dresses?]

Not unexpectedly, Jimmy’s enthusiasm for crossdressing prompted some of you to google whether the TV funny man is gay. Well, to paraphrase Sheldon Cooper, “He’s not gay. His mother had him tested.”

jimmyfallon.com (we’re assuming this is his official website) also asks the gay question and kinda answers it too:

Is Jimmy Fallon a closet homosexual?
Even if he IS “married”, he could still be a closet gay. Many, many gay people “marry” the opposite sex to hide their homosexuality. You don’t really need to see his interests, just look at his face (soooooooo gay), body, and body language. The word g.a.y. is written right across him.

But what do our friends at gay-or-straight.com say about the issue? Here’s their “assessment”:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Jimmy Fallon: According to 62 visitors Jimmy Fallon is 64% gay. However, the average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Jimmy Fallon is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Our take? Well, if Alex Rodriguez is considered by practically everyone to be “as gay as the moon” when he kissed himself in the mirror, then we can say the same thing for Fallon, right?


Now, some of you are not at all interested in Fallon’s gayness or his crossdressing shenanigans but are interested in his shirtless photos. Don’t fret coz we’ve got pics for you too. Check ’em out:

Jimmy fallon shirtless Rolling Stone Tattoo2

What’s he doing with that woman?

jimmy fallon sexy in a tub

Nipples! This is soooo gayyyyyy!

jimmy fallon shirtless


Looking for a Jimmy Fallon underwear photo? We’re afraid this is the only one you will find in the history of ever.

jimmy fallon underwear.jpg

On the all-important boxers or briefs question asked of all male celebrities, he revealed in an interview with Bravo TV that “he switches it up between boxers, briefs and boxer-briefs but normally wears boxer-briefs”.

There you go, now you know Fallon’s underwear preference. Hehe. That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers.

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