Josh Dun Shirtless and “Is So Gay” Photos With Tyler Joseph

You did not think we’ll write a post on the gayness of Tyler Joseph and not do a similar one for his bandmate and friend, Josh Dun, do you?

Well, here’s a shirtless photo of the Twenty One Pilots drummer.

josh dun shirtless

And here’s another Josh Dun shirtless photo with an equally shirtless Tyler.

twenty one pilots shirtless - tyler joseph and josh dunn - so gay tight pants

Wow, those are the skinniest jeans we’ve ever seen on male celebrities for a long time. Haha. Don’t these guys know the bad side effects of skin tight jeans. According to some doctors who study the health effects of our fashion choices, skinny jeans are really bad for men because it restricts blood circulation and, this is the more dangerous effect, it could affect a man’s reproductive ability to produce a healthy “tadpole”.

Are you listening, Josh and Tyler. You don’t want to have an unhealthy “tadpole” do you? Enough with those skinny jeans already! Hehe.

twenty one pilots shirtless - tyler joseph and josh dunn - so gay

Awww. This is just so gay. Matchy matchy pants and matchy-matchy pose? What else are these two doing in the privacy of their bedrooms. Hehehe.

No wonder their superfans are calling them JoshLer. Or is it TyDun? To give you an idea on how creative JoshLer’s fans are, here’s an excerpt from a fanfic we copied from

The words come out light, but Josh knows better, has been there through every panic attack and nightmare and breakdown and whispered ‘I’m sorry I’m sorry please don’t leave me’. He also knows better than to get all serious about it, though, knows Tyler doesn’t need that right now, so he just turns his head and kisses the junction between his boyfriend’s neck and shoulder. He drops Tyler’s hands in favor of wrapping his arms around Tyler’s waist instead, nuzzles at his collarbone and a second later leans up for another proper kiss, “Ah, wasn’t too bad. Contrary to popular belief, I actually like you!”

“What?” Tyler plays it up, gasps audibly, “That’s fuckin’ crazy! I had no idea. You and Debby, man. There’s some real chemistry there. Definitely thought you were gonna get back together.”

Josh hums thoughtfully and grins when Tyler playfully punches his bicep, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding, you know I’m kidding. Brendon, though… I can’t make any promises about him.”

Hehe. Very nice, no? Who is this Brendon Tyler speaketh of?