Jean Claude Van Damme Leather Jacket and Rolex Watch

Jean Claude Van Damme Leather Jacket in Movies. Looking for Belgian guys in leather? Well, here’s Jean Claude Van Damme and his leather jacket from the 2007 movie, Until Death, where he plays the role of a bad cop-turned-good cop.

jean claude van damme leather jacket

The next pic below show’s JCVD wearing a leather jacket to the premiere of Daylight starring his Hollywood buddy Sylvester Stallone.

Apparently, blue plaid shirts and black leather jackets don’t go well together.

The Muscles from Brussels with then wife Darcy LaPier. What do you think of Jean Claude’s leather coat? Remind you of Neo?

Want more men’s leather jackets? Update: Well, here’s another one from the 1990 movie, Death Warrant.

jean claude van damme leather jacket - 1990 death warrant

Here’s a Van Damme movie leather jacket. This time, its from the 1993 movie, Nowhere to Run.

van damme leather jacket

Finally, here’s our Belgian hunk looking cool in the 2012 movie, Six Bullets.

van damme leather jackets - six bullets movie

Oops, here’s an update to the update: Another Van Damme leather jacket – its from the 2014 movie, Swelter, which also stars Grant Bowler.

van damme leather jacket 2014 - swelter movie

Jean Claude Van Damme‚Äôs Rolex Submariner Watch (21 August 2010). Belgian muscle hunk, martial artist, and actor/director John Claude Van Damme gets ready to shoot in his 2007 movie, Until Death. That’s a Rolex Submariner watch, in case you are wondering.

jean claude van damme rolex submariner

Want more famous men wearing Rolex Submariners?

Update (07 August 2014). Some of you Van Damme fans might be interested to know that some of his iconic movies, particularly Bloodsport and Kickboxer, are being re-made in 2014-2015. The Kickboxer remake will star stuntman Alain Moussi. This is Alain’s big break in Hollywood and we hope he’ll be as good as Van Damme in the original Kickboxer.

Although we are not fans of movie remakes, we gotta say that the fact that producers and the powers-that-be are remaking JCVD’s movies is a testament to Van Damme’s contribution to the world of movies. He ain’t just the Muscles from Brussels, that’s for sure. He’s also the entertaining, ass-kicking, and Speedo-wearing Hollywood action star.

Jean Claude Van Damme Leather Jacket and Rolex Watch. Posted 15 August 2010. Updated 30 May 2017.