George Clooney Leather Jacket in Leatherheads is a Belstaff

George Clooney Leather Jacket in Leatherheads: Belstaff Leather. We’ve seen George Clooney’s tuxedo suit. We’ve also seen him in his camouflage uniform. Now, here’s our George looking fabulous in his black leather jacket and slightly faded blue jeans. We love love love, how he’s-buddy buddy with …. okay, we forgot the name of that guy he’s with but he’s also a famous Academy award winning actor.

george clooney leather jacket

George and his leather jacket (made by Belstaff) from the movie, Leatherheads, where he plays a football captain.

george clooney leather jacket belstaff in leatherheads

Our George sure loves his Belstaff leather because he’s wearing it all the time. Like, when he’s taking photos. Or going on a date with his lady love. Awww. Look at these two going on a picnic.

george clooney belstaff leather jacket

Our George also wears his jacket while doing his duties as a football captain. Well, if we’ve got outselves a Belstaff, we’d wear it wherever we go too. Like Ewan McGregor in his TV adventures Long Way Down and Long Way Around. Wait, those are the names of Ewan’s shows, right? [Update: It’s Long Way Round and not Long Way Around.]

george clooney leather jacket in leatherheads belstaff

Want more celebrity leather jackets? Or would you rather check out more of George Clooney’s fashion style.

George Clooney Winter Coats: The American Movie (23 August 2010). Want more celebrity winter coats? Here’s George Clooney and his co-stars Irina Bj√∂rklund and Anton Corbijn from their upcoming movie, The American, about an American master assassin in Europe.

The movie is opening this September and we are so looking forward to go see George and his winter coats. Okay, maybe not really his winter coats but we love us some assassin movies.

george clooney the american coat

Awww. Our George is aging as you can see in his greyish hair and all but he’s still rocking it. He’s got the genes that makes a man ages like fine wine. Question: For some reason, he kinda reminds us of Antonio Banderas in the pic below. Do you see a resemblance too?

george clooney coat in the american

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