Famous Bald Female Celebrities Part II

This is part II of our earlier post on hot bald girls. Will these famous bald female celebrities outrank our favorite bald girl, i.e., Sigourney Weaver? Well, let’s check it out!

Let’s start our Part II list with singer/actress Grace Jones. She sure is rocking the hairless look doesn’t she?

famous bald female celebrities - grace jones - singer actress too

Ahh Britney. If Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley is one of the most iconic movie characters of all time, can we say that this bald Britney Spears photo is one of the most iconic paparazzi photos of all time? Good thing La Brita was able to overcome her demons.

bald female singers - britney spears

Third in our list of famous bald female celebrities is Irish superstar Sinead O’Connor who looks good as a baldie in this red carpet event. We love her but that chest tattoo just looks silly. Hehe.

bald girl singers - sinead o connor

Megan Fox in another red carpet event.

famous bald female celebrities - megan fox

Here’s a bald fashion model taken at the Annual Lisbon Fashion Week ModaLisboa Transfusion Fashion Fair Summer 2012. If you can ID the girl, please do so in the comments so we will include her name here.

bald runway model - Annual Lisbon Fashion Week ModaLisboa Transfusion Fashion Fair Summer 2012

Ellen Page in the movie, Mouth to Mouth. She’s looking good. This is our second favorite bald look after Sigourney’s.

famous bald female celebrities - ellen page in mouth to mouth

When we chanced upon the next photo below we were like, “This girl looks familiar but we don’t know who she is.” It turns out that she is Robin Tunney and we do know who she is. She’s Teresa Lisbon, lead of The Mentalist which we love, love, love watching. This pic is from the movie, Empire Records.


Singer Melissa Etheridge sported a bald head while undergoing cancer treatment.


Judith Light goes bald as a cancer patient in the Broadway play, Wit. She plays the same role Cynthia Nixon went bald for.


Rounding out our list of bald female celebrities is Cameron Diaz in My Sisters Keeper. Okay, she didn’t really go bald and is only wearing a prosthetic skullcap. Looks so freaky, no?

famous bald female celebrities - cameron diaz my sisters keeper - not really bald - prosthetic skull cap

That’s it for now. Who is your favorite girl in this list of famous bald female celebrities? Tell us in the comments. You want famous male baldies, go check out our earlier post on Bald Male Celebrities.