Pigott Brothers – Oliver and Sebastian – Models on Canadian Idol

Pigott Brothers – Oliver and Sebastian – Male Models’ Canadian Idol Journey. Auditions: Omar Lunan makes it after the judges advised him to minimize his hand gestures. Now on to the Pigott Brothers, Oliver and Sebastian. They are really good singers. But aside from their musical talent there’s something else that’s going for them: Oliver oozes with s*x appeal and he has the ability to connect with the emotion in his song. I’ve heard his audition piece, Please Help Me I’m Falling, a million times but this is the first time I was touched by it. [Sorry, video deleted at source.]

For his part, Sebastian’s style is energetic and fun. I actually like his audition more than his brother’s but this could be because I like his brand of country music better. It’s still too early to tell but it would be disappointing if we won’t see more of the Pigott brothers. What do you think?

Canadian Idol Updates: The Pigott Brothers in Top 24. The brothers make it to the Top 24. Yay! Please don’t make us vote and choose between these two.

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