Alexander Calvert Shirtless, Leather Jacket, Girlfriend

Alexander Calvert Shirtless, Leather Jacket, Girlfriend. Today in celebrity leather jacket, we bring you Canadian actor Alexander Calvert who’s been rocking his leather from the first day we saw him on Supernatural. For those of you who did not watch one of the longest shows on prime time TV, our hunky Canuck played the role of Lucifer’s son, Jack, in the last three seasons of the show. He went on to appear in an episode of the show’s prequel, The Winchesters, which was sadly cancelled after only one season. Anyhoo, here are pics of the actor rocking his leather jackets:

alexander calvert leather jacket

alexander calvert hot in leather jacket

alexander calvert leather jacket2

Now, although our Alexander is undoubtedly rocking his outfits, we must admit that we are not really fans of jackets that have big or noticeable lapels. They make the outfit kinda busy and they really do not serve a purpose other than to get attention. Haha. We much prefer the jacket with a standing collar (we believe that’s what it is called) that Alex is wearing below:

alexander calvert leather jacket no collar

Alexander Calvert Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Because lots of you are THOTs who are thirsty for shirtless celebs, here are shirtless pics of the actor

alexander calvert hot in bed

alexander calvert shirtless body

alexander calvert shirtless

alexander calvert gay or straight

We cannot find any pic of the guy in his underoos but we did find pics of him in shorts which, to quote our friend Deena, “should do for now”.

alexander calvert underwear - boxer shorts2

alexander calvert underwear - boxer shorts

Alexander Calvert Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight and he may or may not be in a relationship with actress and model Jenna Berman.

alexander calvert girlfriend jenna berman - south african actress

To date, the actor has starred in 29 movies and TV shows including Supernatural and The Winchesters. He will be starring in the upcoming series, Gen V, which is a prequel to the Amazon Prime hit, The Boys. The show is currently in post production and we are crossing our fingers that it will be as successful as The Boys because it could mean we’ll be seeing more of Alexander on the small screen.

alexander calvert style

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