Wayne Brady Hot, Shirtless, Awards, Boyfriend

Wayne Brady Hot, Shirtless, Awards, Boyfriend. Look who just revealed that he is a member of the LGBT community? It’s Emmy Award-winning television host and actor Wayne Brady, that’s who! He recently announced that he is pan and, boy, we are sorry to note that he is getting lots of abusive comments on Instagram. Tiktok is more receptive from what we’ve seen.

When your Famewatcher trio first learned about Wayne coming out, Kevin was like, “Wow, my gaydar must be broken because it never ever pinged at all when it comes to Wayne Brady.”

Deena was like, “Yeah. It must be broken. Or maybe your gaydar is confused because maybe Wayne has been open about it for a long time. Have you seen him in Kinky Boots? He was soooo good in it!”

For those who do not know, Kinky Boots is a stage play about a struggling shoemaker who gets help from a drag queen and Wayne once played said drag queen on Broadway.

wayne brady drag queen in kinky boots

His performance as Lola on Kinky Boots impressed reviewer Maureen Lee Lenker of Entertainment Weekly and she had this to say about the actor: “Improv impresario Wayne Brady took over for Porter on the Great White Way, and he shines once again here reprising the role. His beguiling smile and smooth voice made him a star long ago, but they have perhaps never been put to such effective use as they are in Kinky Boots. Like Brady, Lola is a showman, a performer who knows that razzle-dazzle and a brilliant grin are the keys to hooking your audience. The actor struts his stuff on the Bowl stage like it’s his personal catwalk. His Lola is flashy and intriguing, flaunting his toned physique and vocal prowess.”

Now, his gaydar may have failed when it comes to Wayne but to be fair Kevin, his radar’s been pretty good in knowing who is a friend of Dorothy. For instance, he told us that Anderson Cooper, Ricky Martin, and Gio Benitez were FODs long before they came out.

Young Hot Wayne Brady. He sure is looking hot in this magazine cover, isn’t he? The next pic of him wearing a body-hugging wet T-shirt is our favorite though.

wayne brady young

wayne brady boyfriend hot

Wayne Brady Awards. He is a five-time Emmy Award winner. Specifically, he’s got a Primetime Emmy for Whose Line Is It Anyway, two daytime Emmys as outstanding talk show host for The Wayne Brady Show, a daytime Emmy as outstanding game show host for Let’s Make a Deal, and another daytime Emmy for outstanding original song.

wayne brady awards - emmy2

wayne brady awards - emmy

Wayne Brady Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Partner? We do not know if he is seeing anyone at the moment but we will update this post once we have the relevant information. However, we should note that he’s been married twice (with Diana Lasso in 1993 and with Mandie Taketa in 1999). He and Mandie remain friends and are co-parenting a daughter. Here’s the former lovebirds looking good together:

wayne brady mandie taketa

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