Shirtless SYTYCD Dancers: So You Think You Can Dance 11 Hunks

Shirtless SYTYCD Male Dancers: Who of the dancing hunks of the 11th installment of So You Think You Can Dance is your favorite when it comes to their dance talent? Who would you want as your dance partner – vertically and horizontally?

Who would you want to bring home to mama? And who of these dancing hunks look best when he takes off his shirt? Before you decide, you should check out their shirtless pics, okay? Let’s begin with Emilio Dosal [follow his Instagram @iamemiliodosal] seen in the photo below hanging out with his galpals? Is one of them Emilio’s girlfriend?

shirtless sytycd dancers emilio dosal season 11 - iamemiliodosal instagram

Ricky Ubeda. Don’t you just love a dancer who rocks his facial hair? He earns a lot of extra points from us for that beard. And he’s only 18 years old too. If there’s a contest for the best teenager with a beard, he is sure to win it. [Follow him on Twitter: @RickyUbeda11]

ricky ubeda shirtless - so you think you can dance 11 - gay boyfriend or girlfriend

Rudy Abreu. Rudy is probably the cutest of Season 11’s shirtless SYTYCD dancers. He is our imaginary beau this season (a-la Mark Kanemura) and we hope he goes all the way to the finale and win it all. [Follow him on Instagram: @dance11rudy]

shirtless sytycd dancers rudy abreu season 11 contestant

Zack Everhart. Nice, Zack. We give you lots of credit for dancing in your boxer briefs underwear. Hehe. [Follow Zack on Twitter: @zackeverhart47]

zack everhart shirtless - sytycd season 11 - boxer briefs underwear

Casey Askew. Look who’s wearing Calvin Klein underwear? It’s Casey Askew! Too bad we only see a glimpse of his waistband. [Follow him on Instagram: @caseyaskeww]

casey askew shirtless - sytycd 11 dancer - underwear waistband

Marcquet Hill. Marquet is not totally shirtless but we’re loving what we are seeing so far. What more if he chucks off that shirt, no? [Follow him on Twitter: @Marcquet13]

Marcquet Hill shirtless - so you think you can dance

Serge Onik. Ahh, Serge. Is that your boyfriend? Our friend Kevin is so jealous. If Kevin knows some photoshop skills he would be erasing that girl in the picture and replacing her with his own shirtless photo. [Follow Serge on Instagram: @sergeonik]

sytycd shirtless dancers serge onik

Teddy Coffey. Of the eight remaining dancing hunks of SYTYCD 11, Teddy is the one who does not have any shirtless photo on the internetz. He gets no points from us for not going shirtless but he is so damn cute so let’s ogle at his cutenezzzz. [Follow him on Instagram: @TeddyCoffey]

teddy coffey shirtless photo - sytycd

So who of these guys is your favorite? As mentioned above we here at Famewatcher are crushing on Rudy Abreau and we are keeping our fingers crossed that he will gonna win it all. What about you? Who do you want to win and who do you think will win?

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