Oleg Zagorodnii Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Oleg Zagorodnii Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Today in Hot Men in Uniform, we bring you two good looking lads — Oleg Zagorodnii and Tom Prior — who truly are rocking their military outfits in the LGBT movie Firebird. The two actors play soldiers in the Russian army who fall in love with each other which is a big no-no at that time.

tom prior gay lover Oleg Zagorodnii in firebird

Actually, men falling in love with each other appears to still be a big no-no in modern-day Russia considering that the movie was banned at the Moscow International Film Festival. To be fair, according to projectq.us, the first screening went on as planned but, apparently, complains about the film reached the Russian government which sent a letter to the organizers to no longer screen the movie.

oleg zagorodnii tom prior in firebird2

oleg zagorodnii tom prior in firebird

Oleg, Tom, and director Peeter Rebane attend the premiere night screening of Firebird in Tallinn, Estonia where the director comes from. By the way, we grabbed this photo as well as some of the next pics below from Oleg’s Instagram page which you might want to follow @zagorodniioleg.

Oleg Zagorodnii with tom prior and director peeter rebane

We’ve already blogged about Tom Prior earlier so this post is about our new Ukrainian imaginary beau that is Oleg who looks hawt, hawt, hawt in every photo we’ve seen him. Seriously, there is no bad photo for this guy!

Oleg Zagorodnii body leather pants

Firebird is Oleg’s 7th acting credit on IMDB but, unless we are mistaken, it appears to be his first full-length movie. We hope his Firebird exposure will get him more acting projects because he sure has the face and the body that’s meant to be seen and appreciated. Hehe.

Oleg Zagorodnii underwear - white boxer shorts

Is Oleg Zagorodnii Gay or Straight in Real Life? What’s his relationship status at the moment? Single or married? Does he have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? We must admit that we do not have the answers to these questions at this time but, per usual, we will update this post once we do have the relevant information. For the time being, here are some of his modeling photos for us to appreciate.

Oleg Zagorodnii smoking shirtless

Oleg Zagorodnii smoking hot ukrainian

Oleg Zagorodnii shirtless

Oleg Zagorodnii shirtless body - snail trail

Oleg Zagorodnii hot ukrainian actor

Oleg Zagorodnii shirtless in polo ralph lauren underwear peekabo

polo ralph lauren male underwear models 2021 Oleg Zagorodnii

polo ralph lauren male underwear models 2021 Oleg Zagorodnii2

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