Justin Theroux Young, Shirtless, Grey Sweatpants

Justin Theroux Young, Shirtless, Grey Sweatpants. Today in Guys in Sweatpants, we bring you the guy who is probably one of those responsible in popularizing sweatpants for men who want to show off their impressive joysticks.

justin theroux grey sweatpants2

The video of him jogging in his sweatpants during an episode of The Leftovers became a topic of many water cooler conversations in our office and even those who were not watching the show decided to tune in just so they are not left out on what everybody — particularly your Famewatcher Kevin — is ooohing and aaahing about.

justin theroux grey sweatpants

So if you a fan of men in grey sweatpants, you gotta give thanks to Justin for popularizing the trend. Of course, you can curse him too if you don’t like guys wearing sweatpants outside of sporty settings.

justin theroux young in six feet under circa 2001

Now, did you know that Justin Theroux was in the classic movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion which starred Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino? It is his third acting gig, per his IMDB profile, and he played the cowboy chatting up Janeane Garofalo.

justin theroux young romy and micheles high school reunion

He went on to star in 63 other movies and TV shows including the aforementioned The Leftovers, Six Feet Under, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Maniac, and The Mosquito Coast which was released early this year and which you can check out on Apple TV.

Oh, he also starred in the horror movie called False Positive (released this past June on Hulu) where he gets to cheat on his wife with their fertility doctor played by Pierce Brosnan. I don’t know about you but if my husband wants to cheat with Pierce Brosnan, I’m gonna let him cheat with Pierce Brosnan. Maybe I am saying this because I am fan of the Irish James Bond but, by God, Brosnan is a god among men.

Anyhoo, here are screencaps of Justin and Pierce, you should check out the movie because these two were doing some stuff that Grandma Akita would not let us include here. Hehe.

justin theroux gay with pierce brosnan in false positive2

justin theroux gay with pierce brosnan in false positive

Justin Theroux as a Youngster. Some photos of Justin when he was younger. For those of you wondering, he is now a golden boy in that he is crossed the big 50 last August.

justin theroux young big gay following

justin theroux young in mulholland drive 2001

justin theroux leather jacket

jeans leather jacket casual wear - Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Some of you are thirsty for Justin’s shirtless pics and underoos and we ain’t gonna leave you parched and dry. Let’s start first with these screencapped underwear scene in The Leftovers:

justin theroux underwear in leftovers

justin theroux underwear

And here are some shirtless pics from his magazine photoshoots as well as one which looks like a paparazzi pic:

justin theroux shirtless in leather pants - details

justin theroux shirtless body

justin theroux shirtless now

40 year old guy six pack washboard - justin theroux

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