Mens Bally Shoes: Mathias Berg in His Bally Shoes

Mens Bally Shoes. Earlier, we blogged about Bally shoes for women, now here’s male model Mathias Bergh in his Bally shoes for men. The Swiss sure know how to build quality stuff, no? They’ve got the best from shoes to watches to, well, Roger Federer.

mens bally shoes model

mens bally shoes mathias bergh

Anyhoo, do you own a pair of Bally shoes? How much did you buy it? Are you satisfied with it? Did you get your money’s worth?


More Mens Bally Shoes Update. You want more mens Bally shoes, don’t you? We thought you do, so here are more shoes from the label’s newest Spring/Summer collection. British male model Ollie Edwards wears a Bally dress shoes.

mens bally shoes ollie edwards

Now, this is one instance where you should not follow a model. Never ever ever wear a dress shoes without socks like what Ollie is doing above. Some “rebel” shoe designer (read: Thom Browne) tried to start a “dress shoes without socks” trend but we think it’s bad fashion, it looks tacky, and considering that dress shoes don’t have soft soles, we think its gonna be hard on your feet.

mens bally shoes newest

But, you can go sock-less with rubber shoes like the one above.

mens bally shoes latest collection

Now, if there’s a pair of shoes we’d love to buy for our hubby, it would be these green and red ones to add color to his shoe closet which is full of black conservative dress shoes.

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