Jeans for Plus Size Girls: Curvy and Heavy is Sexy and Beautiful!

Jeans for Plus Size Girls. We love love love this photos of curvy models in jeans. We’re pretty sure though that aging white men in the fashion world [such as the Jurassic-minded Wolfgang Joop] will hate these pics because the models are not thin and therefore, in their mind, not beautiful.

jeans for plus size girls

For too long, women have allowed these fashion gatekeepers to dictate what “beautiful” is. About time, we expand that definition to include women of all shapes and sizes.

jeans for plus size girls - models

By the way, we give props to V Magazine for featuring these models [Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine, Michelle Olson, Marquita Pring in the first photo and Candice Huffine and Tara Lynn in the second pic].

Want more girls in jeans? What do you think of the above jeans for plus size girls?


Curvy Girl Dresses: Khloe Kardashian’s Animal Print Dress
12 October 2010

Hey, check out our favorite Kardashian sister Khloe (sorry, Kim) in her sexy animal print dress. Isn’t she fabulous? Who says curvy girls can’t wear body-hugging dresses? Not Khloe for sure. And we gotta give her props for it. Way to go, Khloe! We love you. We hope you continue to embrace your curviness.

Want more women’s plus-size fashion?

Beth Ditto and Her Spanx
11 May 2009

We thank Beth Ditto for continuing to amaze and entertain us. Is she wearing Spanx in the photo above. Looks like she does, no? She really deserves the “Coolest Person in Rock” award she got in 2006, doesn’t she? In fact, we’d like to think that she’s also the Coolest Person in the Planet. You go, girlfriend!

Here are some photos of our Beth in her sparkly dresses. She’s easily rocking them. We like how these dresses are sparkly but not tacky at all. In fact our friend Deena, who don’t like sparkly dresses, says that she’d like to buy the first dress because its classy and fun.