Zlatan Ibrahimovic Gay or Straight? Underwear + Shirtless Photos

zlatan ibrahimovic gay outfit

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Gay Outfit? What in effin’ hell is Zlatan Ibrahimovic wearing in the above photo? Is this his way of coming out as a gay dude? Or as a transgender like Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner? Maybe he’s a cross-dresser who did not realize that he’s wearing a bra when he took off his shirt?

Calm down, folks! He ain’t not cross-dressing. Our Ibra is wearing a performance-tracking kit. More from Yahoo Sports:

Swapping shirts after the 1-0 pre-season loss in his native Sweden, Ibrahimovic revealed a bikini-esque outfit underneath his PSG kit.

Far from broadening his impressive resume with a stint as a glamour model, Zlatan – according to Deadspin – is sporting a performance-tracking kit designed by GPSports.

The tracker, according to their website, has numerous benefits, enabling analysts to compare a number of aspects of a player’s game to maximise their performance.


BLAST FROM THE PAST: The following paragraphs are reposted from August 2010.


Apparently, Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic (aka Gerard Pique’s kissing buddy?) has a thing for peekabo pants which give us a glimpse of his underwear.

The photo that sent bloggers’ tongues wagging about Zlatan Ibrahimovic gay “almost kiss” with his friend Gerard Pique.


Another Zlatan peekabo underwear photo. Apparently, he loves him his Dolce & Gabbanas!


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Underwear. Does he prefer boxers or briefs? Looks like he wears them all. For instance, check him out in a pair of boxer briefs underwear.

zlatan ibrahimovic underwear - boxer briefs

And here’s our Swedish hunk wearing the skimpiest briefs underwear we’ve ever seen on a footballer.


UPDATE: Hah. Here’s what some of you are saying about our Ibra.

GrubbyHands: Again, let us hope he and Pique are doing the math and again I would like an invite to this event if they wish to extend an invitation for a lecherous viewing.

Heheh. Lecherous viewing, eh? We’re pretty sure you’re not the only one who wants an invite, Ms/Mr. GrubbyHands.

UPDATE 2: Some of you are wondering about Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s tattoos and their meaning and significance. Apparently, our Ibra has got tons of tattoos inked in his body perhaps the most prominent of which is the statement that goes, “Only God can judge me”. We really don’t have to interpret the meaning and significance of said statement, do we?

zlatan ibrahimovic tattoos

Say what you will about Ibra but he is a family man and he’s got tattoos to prove it. He had the birth dates of his dad (Sefik) and brothers (Sapko and Aleksander) inked on his right wrist, the birth dates of his mom Jurka and sister Sanela on his left wrist, the names of his mom and dad on his right inside arm and left inside arm respectively, and the names of his sons Maximilian and Vincent on his right arm.

Ibra’s other tattoos include a red dragon on his back, a japanese koi that supposedly stands for “luck” or “courage”, a Buddhist symbol, the aces of hearts and clover, and a Maori symbol.

The soccer star sure loves his tattoos, no? He reportedly has a total of eleven tattoos but we won’t be surprised if he adds more in the future.