Zara Phillips Mike Tindall Wedding: Who’s Her Gown Designer?

Zara Phillips Mike Tindall Wedding: Who’s Her Gown Designer? Are Zara Phillips and boyfriend Mike Tindall preparing to march down the aisle? They are reportedly buying a home together so what else is left for them but marry and raise kids? If they do decide to tie the knot, may we suggest they ditch those boring wedding processions and follow the exciting example set by American couple Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson.

zara phillips and mike tindall

For other royals getting married, check out Sweden’s Prince Victoria who’s marrying commoner beau Daniel Westling. [Original post date: 28 July 2009]

UPDATE 17 May 2011: It’s been nearly two years since we wrote about a Zara Phillips-Mike Tindall wedding but, to answer the question we raised back then, “Yes, the two are getting married but no they are not going to dance on their way to the altar [a-la Kevin and Jill] but will have a, most probably, conventional royal wedding ceremony.

In fact, according to The Guardian, a “major security operation” is being undertaken in preparation for the royal wedding which is scheduled on 30 July 2011 at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As may be expected, wedding enthusiasts are asking questions such as “Who is Zara Phillips’ wedding gown designer?” while royal-watchers are asking questions like, “Will Princess Beatrice wear another awesome silly hat during the wedding?”

Well, we hope to bring you answers to the above questions once we have the answers, of course. In the meantime, here’s a royal wedding photo of the future bride and groom during the Prince William-Kate Middleton Wedding of the Century. Princess Zara’s hat is “royal wedding appropriate” unlike Princess Beatrice’s hat but it is definitely less awesome.


Zara Phillips Rolex Watch Ambassador
30 August 2010

How much did Zara Phillips, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, earn in her gig as a Rolex watch ambassador? She made 100,000 pounds and three free Rolex watches. How did we know that, you ask? Because this paper says so.

Question: Is Zara the most accomplished member of the royal family? With an equestrian world championship title to her name, one could make the case that she is the most accomplished, no?