Zach Cregger Shirtless, Underwear & Gay Photos

Zach Cregger Shirtless Photos. If you are like us here at Famewatcher, you’d be bummed when you discover that the TV powers-that-be decided to cancel Guys With Kids. Okay, admittedly, the show is not LOL-funny as the reigning sitcom king (Big Bang Theory) or Big Bang’s less funny brother (Two and a Half Men) but Guys With Kids is funnier than a lot of shows which are still on air.

zach cregger shirtless - guys with kids star

We are specially bummed because we need us our fill of Zach Cregger but we ain’t gonna get that now thank to the silly executives of NBC. Ugh. Zach is the funniest cast member on GwK so we are going to miss him the most. [Not that the others are not funny, its just that our Zach is naturally funny in the mold of Joel McHale and Ryan Reynolds, you know, guys who can make you laugh by simply being there or with an impish wink and a silly nod.]

Speaking of Joel McHale, well at least we still have him, and the rest of his Community gang, to look forward too. Thank heavens the NBC suits decided not to throw them out in the garbage can. [Want more Joel McHale? Go to our post on Joel McHale’s Underwear.]

But let’s go back to Zach Cregger, shall we? Check out these photos (from the TV series Friends With Benefits) showing his sexy shirtlessness.

zach cregger shirtless - friends with benefits

He needs a hug, doesn’t he?

zach cregger shirtless - friends with benefts

A shirtless Zach in bed with Ann Carr in the 2011 short film, Heartbreak.

zach cregger naked in bed with ann carr in heartbreak

Zach Cregger Underwear. Question for you Famewatchers: Is he or is he not wearing underwear in this still photo from the 2009 movie, Miss March, which — it must be noted — he also directed and wrote? Let the debate on Zach’s state of “underwearlessness” begin. By the way, although we love us our Zach, we must also note that Miss March is overwhelmingly disliked by critics and it earned a Razzie Award nomination for Hugh Hefner who was apparently cast in the movie.


Is Zach Cregger Gay? Some internetizens with nothing better to do are debating (on whether or not our funny cutie is gay? The “debate” went like this:

Netizen1: He’s gay, right? Don’t get me wrong… guy’s hot and HILARIOUS. And it doesn’t MATTER if he’s straight or gay. Not like I’ll ever meet him!!!! (lol so bitter.) Anyway, I just think he IS, but am wondering why nobody’s mentioning it or if I’m wrrrrrong.

Netizen2: He is NOT gay at all. You don’t know how to read personalities if you think that. He is an open minded great actor very self assured and confortable enough with his sexuality to play gay roles or women. Believe me he is not gay.

Netizen3: and how do you know that??? Then years go by and his gay

And that’s how the debate went. Hehehe. Anyhoo, if you are looking for proof that Zach is a friend of Dorothy, we have an incontestable proof for you. Hehe.

Sam BrownTimmy Williams Zach Cregger whitest kids u know

Zach doesn’t look pretty at all in that dress. Is wearing women’s clothes a proof that a guy is gay? No! Of course not. If it is a proof of anything, it’s a proof that that guy wants to wear women’s clothes. You know, like these guys: Men Wearing Women’s Underwear.

Zach Has a Girlfriend. Actually Zach has a girlfriend. Well, according to a 2009 New York Post report which stated that Zach has a “Yale grad-student girlfriend”. Meanwhile, lists a certain Haley Bennett as Zach’s girlfriend since 2010.

If you have any info about Zach’s girlfriend do share it to our readers in the comments section. Thank you. Also, if you are a fan of the other Guys With Kids cast, you might want to check out our post on Jesse Bradford’s Shirtless Photos.