Zac Efron Jeans Collection: Levi’s, Diesel, CK, and Dior Homme

Zac Efron Jeans Collection: Levi’s Matchstick Jeans in Transform Finish. Because of his awkward pose, Zac Efron won’t be getting any “fashion pose” points from fashion photographer Nigel Barker.

zac efron jeans brand levis

However, our Zac will be getting some brownie points from Levi’s jeans enthusiasts because he is wearing a pair of Levi’s Matchstick Jeans in Transform finish.

zac efron jeans collection

Of course, Zac also gets points from us for taking the time to sign autograph for his fans. Way to go, bearded imaginary boyfriend.

zac efron jeans brand preference

Want more Zac Efron jeans? Well, check out the previous post we wrote about Zac and his jeans preferences below. Of course, this is not a complete list of the brand of denim outfits he wears. For instance, our friend Deena says she saw a photo of Zac wearing a pair of Evisu Jeans – which we included in our list of Best Japanese Jeans — but we cannot find such a photo.

Anyhoo, check out some Zac Efron jeans below.


Zac Efron Jeans Collection: Diesel, CK, and Gucci Jeans
25 August 2010

zac efron jeans diesel

Want more Zac Efron fashion? Here are some pics from his recent photoshoot for Details Magazine. Above and below: Zac Efron’s jeans by Diesel and coat by Band of Outsiders.

zac efron jeans collection diesel

Next, let’s have Zefron’s jeans by Levis. Shirt by Kenneth Cole and tank top by Tommy Hilfiger.

zac efron jeans levis

Finally, here’s Zac wearing a really sexy black leather jacket by Gucci and a pair of jeans by Calvin Klein.

zac efron jeans gucci


Zac Efron Jeans by Dior Homme + Ray Ban Sunglasses – Details Magazine
19 August 2010

zac efron jeans by dior homme

Today in male celebrity jeans, we bring you Zac Efron in his freaking Dior Homme jeans by Christian Dior. Who knew our Zac is a tough dude who goes jumping around in car dump sites? Sooo, un-Hollywood!

What brand of glasses is he wearing? That’s a Ray Ban, buddy.

zac efron jeans dior homme

Photo credit: Details Magazine

Zac Efron Jeans Collection: Levi’s, Diesel, CK, and Dior Homme. Posted 21 September 2010. Updated 27 May 2017.

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