Yu Darvish Shirtless and Speedo Underwear Photos

Yu Darvish Shirtless and Speedo Underwear Photos. You are loving Yu Darvish in our recent post (11 Japanese Hunks in 2014) so we reckon we’re gonna post more awesome photos of him.

yu darvish shirtless

Check out the Japanese baseball star in his Speedo swimtrunks. Our inner George Takei says, “Ohhh myyyyyyy!”

Yu Darvish speedo underwear - Japanese Baseballer Speedo Hunk

As we mentioned in our earlier post, Darvish currently plays for the Texas Rangers in Major League Baseball where he’s the starting pitcher. The 27-year-old hottie reportedly made 9.5 million USD in 2013. He must have also made lots of moolah in endorsement deals because the guy is huge in Japan and is very very likeable.

yu darvish - sexy shirtless japanese baseball hunk

Does Yu have a girlfriend? Or is he married or single? Wishful girls (and guys) will be happy to note that Yu is not in a relationship at the moment. He was married to a Japanese actress named Saeko but the two divorced two years ago in 2012.

More about the ex-couple from a poster on the talk-sports.net forum: “In November 11, 2007, The Japanese Actress, Saeko, married Yu Darvish in a shotgun wedding. The two chose the 11/11 date, because 11 happens to be husband Yu’s number according to the Saeko Darvish blog. They then had their formal wedding in Hawaii in January 2008. They have two sons, but were divorced in 2012 after he decided to play in the US. In 2010 a late push from Japanese voters gave Saeko Darvish (she was number 5) the title of MLB Baseball’s Hottest Wife for 2010.”

Why are we loving this guy? Another poster on talk-sports sums it up for us:

i cant explain it but there is something wildly sexy about this guy. REPLY: Easy to explain. He’s not from around here. He’s 6’5″. Never loses his temper-does he have a temper? Went to the ballpark 2 days ago and everybody played their heart out. Yu struck out 8 and everybody else did the rest. Killer outfield catches by Cruz. Homerun by Cruz. 3 up 3 down closer Joe Nathan. Yu didn’t look like he broke a sweat. Lots of confidence. Super sexy-that and he’s only like 26.

By the way, for those of you wondering, “Darvish” is not a Japanese but a Persian name. His dad, Farsad Darvishsefat, is originally from Iran. Yu’s parents met in the United States where they attended college.

yu darvish hot baseballer

Please tell us we’re not the only ones who want to catch and play with his ball? Hehehe.

2020 Update: Yu is in a relationship with Seiko Yamamoto. A wrestler, Seiko has bagged four World Wrestling Championship titles. Yu and Seiko have a child together. Here’s a photo of the lovely couple.

yu darvish girlfriend - seiko yamamoto

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