Young Ian Thorpe Speedo Champ: Then and Now Photos

Young Ian Thorpe Speedo Photos. Here are more photos of the Aussie swimming great for the millenials and GenZers among you who are wondering what Ian looks like when he was younger.

But before anything else, here’s a shirtless photo of a young Ian which we grabbed from the National Portrait Gallery of Australia ( That’s quite an honor to have your photo in your nation’s gallery, no? But given his accomplishments in the Olympics, we must say that Ian totally deserves the honor.

young ian thorpe shirtless - portrait gallery of australia

Now here’s the young Ian Thorpe photos that some of you are looking for:

ian thorpe young in speedo

ian thorpe modeling in speedo

ian thorpe young

Ian Thorpe Speedo: Then and Now (13 August 2009). He may now have a mortal’s body like the rest of us after he said goodbye to his Speedos but, back in the day, Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe can boast not only of his multiple Olympic gold medals but of his hot and smoking swimmer’s body as well.

ian thorpe speedo then

Want more hot male swimmers?

ian thorpe speedo jock

ian thorpe shirtless

ian thorpe speedo

Shirtless Ian Thorpe Goes Kayaking (29 January 2009). Our Ian Thorpe goes kayaking with some blonde dude. So it looks like our Ian actually does some physical stuff and that he’s not spending all his days in front of the television like yours truly. Kayaking is very physical stuff too so why is our Olympic champion in bad shape?

ian thorpe fat body

Now, who’s this guy he’s kayaking with? Could it be Daniel Mendez aka his roommate that everyone in Australia is talking about?

ian thorpe boyfriend daniel mendes

But then again, he’s not really in bad shape compared to the rest of us mortals, is he? We bet most guys his age would look actually like this – you know, carrying some fat in the midsection. It’s just that we were so used to seeing him in top physical form during his competitive days that these photos are kind of jarring.

ian thorpe boyfriend daniel mendes2

The pics also remind us of the day we met a swimmer three years after he stopped competing. He also grew grew bulky – the fat type of bulky and not the muscle type of bulky – and we can’t believe it when he introduced himself because we didn’t recognize him at first.

Ian Thorpe Then and Now: Hot in Speedo, Fat in Shorts (28 January 2009). Australian swimming star’s before and after retirement pics. Time to hit the gym Ian sweetheart. But then again, after spending years in competitive swimming, maybe Ian does deserve to slack off like the rest of us.

ian thorpe then and now

Anyhoo, we’re guessing this is what Michael Phelps will look like when he eventually retires. That is, if he does not continue doing physical stuff.

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