Yoann Maestri Dieux du Stade Model, Shirtless, Girlfriend or Wife?

Yoann Maestri Dieux du Stade, Shirtless, Girlfriend or Wife? It’s February. It’s the month of love. It’s Black History Month if you are in the United States. And, apparently, it is also the International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month. For us here at Famewatcher, aka the home of THOTs and hos, February is the month to ogle at French rugby union player Yoann Maestri who is Mr. February in the Dieux du Stade 2020 Calendar.

yoann maestri dieux du stade 2020 calendar

He really looks great in classic white boxer shorts which is why we are not surprised that he is also made to pose in boxer shorts in this modeling photo for French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus to announce the designer’s 2018 menswear collection.

yoann maestri body - modeling Simon Porte Jacquemus menswear

Yoann has been playing pro rugby union since 2006 and currently plays for Stade Français which he joined in 2018. Prior to that, he also played for Toulon and Toulouse. He also plays for the French national team in international competitions such as the World Cup.

yoann maestri rugby hunk - 2013 france

Yoann Maestri Girlfriend or Wife? Is he single or married? Is he dating anyone? Unfortunately for the curious among us, we do not have any information on Yoann’s relationship status. But we will update this post when we have the information.

Yoann Maestri Art Gallery. An interesting tidbit you might be interested to know about our rugby hunk is that he owns a gallery in Toulouse (Gallery M at 29 Rue Bouquières). In an interview with ladepeche.fr, he reveals what motivated him to put it up:

What drives Yoann Maestri to decide, one day, to open an art gallery?
The project was born some time ago while talking with an artist friend. The idea is to create a place in Toulouse that can give young artists the opportunity to make themselves known. I want to create a really nice place. For the gallery’s inauguration on March 29, the first two artists will be Inès Longevial ​​and Jean André.

Are you an artist yourself?
Like everyone else I drew as a child but I don’t practice art. But I was a little immersed in the field with my father who was an industrial designer and my brother who works in communication and fashion in Paris.

A rugby player who opens an art gallery, is it unexpected?
I often hear the same thing, this picture always comes back. But rugby is my job and a passion, while art is just a passion. I don’t like having labels, everyone is interested in what they want in their private life. These are two completely different things.

Are you thinking of a possible retraining as an art dealer once your sports career is over?

I do not project myself, I tell myself above all that I wanted to do it at this precise moment to share art with people. If this excites me once again my sporting career ended, why not?


More Yoann Maestri Shirtless and Sexy Photos. For those of you looking for more shirtlessness featuring our rugby-playing hunk who is passionate about art:

yoann maestri shirtless body

yoann maestri shirtless by Clément Poitrenaud

We are not a fan of the cargo shorts he’s wearing but damn does he have a hawt stocky build!

yoann maestri sexy hot

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