Yellow Speedo Swimsuit For Men: Good or Bad?

Yellow Speedo Swimsuit for Men. This post is for those of you who like your yellow (or orangey) Speedo swimtrunks, the guys who wear them, and the banana hidden inside waiting to be unpeeled. Hehe. How popular are yellow Speedo suits? We do not think it is popular. However, this does not mean that guys do not wear them at all.

In fact, some famous men like former wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan as well as duathlon athlete Kenny Souza were seen in their yellow Speedos. A wrestling champion and a super-athlete wear yellow Speedo swimsuit? What does this tell us? We guess it means that yellow Speedos are not for the wimpy, eh?

Anyhoo, here’s Hulk Hogan wearing his yellow swimbriefs. [Want more men in Speedos? Well, go check out our post on White Speedo Swim Briefs.]

Meanwhile, here’s duathlon athlete Kenny Souza competing in his teeny weeny yellow Speedo. If we are not mistaken, his outfit is from the Dolce and Gabbana Sportswear Collection.

kenny souza yellow speedo swimsuit

Now, one very good advantage of yellow swimtrunks is that the color is fairly easy to see. Which may be the reason why these Australian lifeguards at Bondi Beach opted for yellow Speedos.

yellow speedo swimsuit - bondi beach lifeguards

Anyhoo, let’s have more hunky men wearing yellow swimwear shall we? Here’s one of our favorite models, California dude Benjamin Godfre.

yellow speedo swimsuits for men - benjamin godfre

Then here’s a Zac Efron lookalike having fun with the sea and sun. (Does he really resemble Efron or is it time to get our eyes checked?)

yellow speedo for men - model zac efron lookalike

And, here are some random guys in their yellow Speedo swimsuits. Too bad, we do not know the names of these models. If you happen to know these guys, do share the info in the comment section so we will ID them properly.

yellow squarecut speedo

Awww. These two guys are very happy!

vintage swimsuits for men - yellow speedo

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