Yahel Castillo Speedo: Diving Hunk of Mexico

Yahel Castillo Speedo: Diving Hunk of Mexico. People who say men should not wear Speedos have not seen Yahel Castillo, the talented diver from Mexico, wearing one. Boy, whoever invented the Speedo must be thinking of Yahel when he (maybe she’s a she but he’s most likely a he) designed the garment. The designer must also have been thinking of Canadian diver Alexander Despatie who also looks pretty good in his Speedo swimwear

yahel castillo speedo hunk

Probably our favorite photo of Yahel in his Speedos.

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Obviously, we are not the only ones who love the pic because someone (we’re guessing s/he’s a Yahel superfan) came up with this beautiful drawing of Yahel in his orange briefs-style swimwear.

The Guadalajara native was pretty good during the 2012 London Olympic Games but, sadly, he failed to medal. He placed fourth in the semifinal round of the men’s 3meter springboard but he dropped to 6th place in the final round.

The gold was won by Russian diver Ilya Sakharov followed by two Chinese divers Qin Kai and He Chong who bagged the silver and bronze medals respectively.

Fly, Yahel, fly …. and dive. This is our friend Deena’s favorite Yahel Castillo Speedo pic.

yahel castillo speedo

At 25 years old, Yahel (full name: Yahel Ernesto Castillo Huerta) still has the chance of bagging an Olympic medal particularly in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games but the competition will get tougher as younger guys mature, learn more diving tricks, and perfect their routines.

Yahel with fellow Mexican diver Daniel Islas.

yahel cartillo with daniel islas

Though he did not medal in London, Yahel does have a bronze medal from the 2011 FINA World Championship Games held in Shanghai, China.

He earned the medal with dive partner Julian Sanchez in the men’s 3-meters synchronized springboard event; the two placed third behind the Chinese pair and the Russian pair.

Is Yahel the long lost twin of Alexander Despatie? They sure have something in common aside from their love of diving.

yahel castillo speedo olympian

We are talking about them having sporty blue jackets, silly! Thumbs up to you too, Mr. Castillo. May you bag an Olympic medal in Rio!

By the way, we’ve been talking Speedos but, on close inspection, Yahel is not actually wearing a swimsuit from this iconic brand. Can you identify the manufacturer of Yahel’s swimsuits?

Yahel Castillo Speedo: Diving Hunk of Mexico. Posted 26 August 2012.