Hot Guys in Spandex: Hudson Taylor, Awesome Wrestler Dude


Looking for men in spandex? Here’s college wrestler Hudson Taylor who has become our imaginary college boyfriend after that quarterback Tim Tebow turned out to be a right-wing religious crackpot. Okay, maybe he is not a crackpot but he sure is a religious zealot.

Anyhoo, let us all give props to Hudson Taylor not only because he looks awesome in his wrestling suit but, more importantly, because he is speaking out for equality. From

Being outspoken and passionate is nothing new for Taylor, 36-2 this season and ranked No. 3 in the country in the 197-pound NCAA wrestling weight class. In addition to being a champion wrestler, he is an academic All American with his eye on law school and a possible future political career.

It’s his outspoken support for gay rights, though, that makes him unique in the athletic world, where straight allies are few and far between. Not many athletes would wear a Human Rights Campaign sticker on their headgear in competition.

“For me and my generation, [LGBT rights] is a pressing issue,” said Taylor, 23, a native of New Jersey. “I believe that whatever history I’m a part of, I’m responsible for. If I feel something is unjust or unequal, I feel a responsibility to do something about it.”

Taylor, you’re an awesome awesome man. For that we are calling you our hero of the day, a distinction you share with Iowa Senator Mike Gronstal.

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Hudson Taylor’s Straight Ally Advocacy

18 January 2012

Holy canoly, our imaginary wrestling boyfriend that is Hudson Taylor has expanded his advocacy for equality with a website called Athlete Ally. Why is he doing it? Well, here’s what he said in a blog post explaining why he is an athlete who supports LGBT rights:

It was only as a college student that I began to question this. Didn’t the nature of competition push sports to accept anyone with talent and perseverance? Homophobia seems wholly unaligned with the inclusivity and diversity necessary for winning. Nonetheless, I have no illusions that ending homophobia is going to be as simple as telling a closed-minded teammate that setting aside fear or stereotypes will improve performance, or that team diversity is simply the right thing. But I also believe that by appealing to individual honor, the honor of the team, and the sense of fairness that is ingrained in every athlete, change is possible.

Go read the rest of his entry, Why I am an Athlete Ally, and thank him for supporting equality.

Incidentally, Hudson has joined forces with rugby player Ben Cohen in their work to combat homophobia in sports. Check out their photo from the New York Times which wrote a story about their advocacy. Awesome, huh?

Now, a lot of you have seen Ben Cohen’s Underwear which we published in earlier posts. Hehe. We think we’d even things out by also publishing this photo of Hudson Taylor in his tighty whitie briefs which he tweeted to his followers the first week of January when he supported the No Pants Subway Ride in New York.

Double thumbs up to you too, Mr. Taylor.