World Leaders Who Wear Rolex Watch

World Leaders Who Wear Rolex Watches. Who of your favorite world leaders were spotted wearing a Rolex watch? Here’s a compilation of our previous posts on the subject. We will update the list later on as we see more Rolex-wearing world leaders. Note that we decided to not include other people in this compilation because we already have separate posts on them. Check for instance our post on  John F. Kennedy’s Rolex Watch as well as our post on Che Guevarra’s Rolex.

Dalai Lama. What do the Dalai Lama and Richard Gere have in common? Well, they both wear a Rolex Datejust, that’s what! End of story! Right?

world leaders who wear rolex - dalai lama

Actually, they have more commonalities than the fact that they were the same brand of watch. The two are both famous and they are both practitioners of the Buddhist faith. In fact, one can argue that Dalai Lama and Richard Gere are currently the most famous Buddhists.

world leaders who wear rolex watches

We admire these two for their work and we wish them luck in their endeavors.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Our favorite world leader continues to be Italian Prime Minister and male hair transplant model Silvio Berlusconi but we kind of like French President Nicolas Sarkozy too.

world leaders who wear rolex watches - president nicolas sarkozy

Let’s give him a shout-out for wearing his Rolex which, as we all know, is the watch of choice of world leaders.

How much do you love your Rolex, Super-Sarko?

Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi. You certainly cannot accuse Rolex of false advertising when its ad copy  below kinda proclaims that world leaders wear Rolex. So far, our list of world leaders who wear Rolex include French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Tibetan spiritual leader The Dalai Lama, and Cuban President Fidel Castro.

world leaders who wear rolex - roman prodi

Now, let’s also include former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi to the list, okay?

roman prodi wearing rolex watch

Pope John Paul II Rolex Watch: World Leaders With Rolex (published 19 August 2010). Let’s add The Venerable Pope John Paul II to our list of religious and world leaders [such as the Dalai Lama and Italian statesman Romano Prodi] who wore Rolex watches.

world leaders who wear rolex - john paul ii

Even though we are not Catholics, we also considered Pope John Paul II as our Pope. He was a great man. And his light shone not only among the members of his flock but also to those like us who are outsiders. It’s been five years since he left us and he is dearly missed by even non-Catholics like us here at Famewatcher.

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