Workout Underwear: What Do Celebrities Wear?

Workout Underwear: What Do Celebrities Wear? What’s the best workout underwear? It should be one that you are comfortable wearing, does not chafe, does not get in the way of your movements and, if you are working out in a public place, is not too revealing or does not invite attention.

In private, you may ignore about the rule of not wearing something too revealing because, after all, there isn’t anyone who will be distracted by what you are wearing.

Anyhoo, we wondered about what underwear celebrities are wearing when they are working out both in real life and in their movie/TV roles. We are surprised to note that most of them — 8 of the 10 celebs included in this list — are doing their physical exercises in their briefs undies.

First, here’s Finn Wittrock stretching his arms and legs in a pair of tighty whities in an episode of American Horror Story.

workout underwear celebrity picks finn wittrock

Soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo crunches his abs while wearing his very own brand the CR7.

gym workout underwear - cristiano ronaldo cr7

Andrew Rannells curls his biceps in tighty whities in this episode of Black Monday.

andrew rannells underwear workout - white briefs - black monday

Hollywood icon Paul Newman stretches in his briefs. Want more celebrity workouts?

paul newman briefs underwear workout

British actor and model Philip Olivier is lifting weights in a pair of Speedos.

philip olivier underwear workout

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman jumps rope in his white boxer shorts

christian bale boxer shorts jump rope workout

In this scene from iRobot, Will Smith is about to perform a dumbbell curl in his boxer briefs.

will smith underwear boxers or briefs

In the movie Killing Hasselhoff, Victor Turpin works out very tight briefs. We still do not know what that weird barbell with very round weights is called.

Victor Turpin underwear - killing hasselhoff

Victor must have gotten some workout wear advice from David Hasselhoff himself who is seen below lifting weights in tank tops and briefs underwear.

vintage workout clothes for men - david hasselhoff - tank top and speedo

Finally here’s TV host Mario Lopez going for a run in a purple underwear. Why is he doing this and what’s with his head gear? If we are not mistaken, he lost a bet or something. Or maybe this is just a promo run for his own underwear brand. Sorry, we can’t remember. Hehe.

workout underwear celebrities - mario lopez

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