Womens Suits Fashion Style: Female Celebrities Wearing Suits

Womens Suits Fashion Style: Female Celebrities Wearing Suits. It’s been all about men’s suit and tie fashion here lately, so let’s balance things out by featuring female celebrities dressed in suit. Let’s start things out with the divine Sharon Stone in her white suit.

womens suits fashion style

Cate Blanchett at the red carpet.

womens suits

Blake Lively goes for a black suit and nicely pairs it with a white shirt. Classic look.

womens suits blake lively

Kate Moss in her gray suit with a curly-haired dude.

womens suits style

Kate Holmes sure towers over her husband (who must be wearing some elevator shoes or something), no? And its like she’s trying to emphasize her height advantage by going for a pinstripe suit.

Last but not the least, Kristin Scott Thomas in her black suit.


Suits for Women: Hugo Boss Designer Suits for Girls
04 August 2010

Who says only men can wear suits? Ehhhhm, no one! In this day and age, we’d like to think that everyone agrees that women, like their male counterparts, can wear suits. Well, everybody except them extreme religious groups like, say, well we ain’t gonna name them.

Anyhoo, if you’re a lady looking for the right women’s suit to buy for your business transactions or any event where you have to go formal, you might want to check out this female model’s Hugo Boss style. Or you might want to get tips from these female celebrities wearing suits. [Oops, sorry link is deleted.]

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