Pink Dress for Girls: Celebrities Wearing Pink Dresses

Pink Dress For Girls. Let us update this post on female celebrities wearing pink dresses to add actress Vera Farmiga to the list. She is wearing a hot pink dress by Marchesa. We won’t say we like the dress (we don’t like it because it reminds us of a winding staircase) but it sure does draw attention. And isn’t that what celebrities aim for in the red carpet? To draw attention to your look? So it is a big win for Vera!

Drew Barrymore Fashion Style: Red Carpet, Maternity, Jeans

drew barrymore fashion style versace

Drew Barrymore Fashion Style: Red Carpet, Maternity, Jeans. Let’s continue posting about celebrity red carpet dresses with this installment of the perky and fun Drew Barrymore in her fabulous one-shoulder, flesh-colored Versace dress. The dress suits her very nicely, doesn’t it? But we can’t decide yet whether this Versace dress looks better on Drew than her Monique Lhuillier gown. What do you think?

Leopard Print Dresses on Famous Celebrities

leopard print dresses halle berry

Leopard Print Dresses on Famous Celebrities. Do you think them PETA people will go after these famous female celebrities for their leopard print dresses? PETA being PETA (didn’t they complain when President Obama caught and killed a mosquito?) we won’t be surprised if they do. Anyhoo, here’s some Hollywood girls going for the leopard look and are rocking their leopard print dresses.

Elle Kemper Dresses: Kimmy Schmidt Unbreakable Fashion

kimmy schmidt dress - milly tropical print fit and flare dress

Elle Kemper Dresses on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. We’ve seen Kimmy Schmidt’s Sweaters. We also saw her and Jacqueline’s (not Jackie Lynn) shoes. Now, its about time we check out these Elle Kemper dresses on the Netflix hit.

First in our list of Elle Kemper dresses would be this Maison Jules Flutter-Sleeve Printed Dress. The pearl necklace goes well together with the outfit, eh?

Jennifer Lopez Dress: Best Style Over the Years?


Jennifer Lopez Dress Fashion Style Over the Years. So, let’s focus on the Latina beauty’s dress style over time, shall we? First of all, we gotta start with her psychedelic dress. According to rumors back when JLo wore this, people got dizzy when they looked at her because of her dress’s “phychedelicness”. Okay, we gotta admit that we actually made up said rumor. Hehe.