Women’s Coveralls: Celebrity Hollywood Girls Fashion Watch


If you think all we do is blog about men’s coveralls, well you are right because that’s what we just did. But we’d like to make amends to our girl readers by blogging about women in coveralls too. Check out Dominican American actress Zoe Saldana (we loved her in Pirates of the Carribean).

Then here’s Nicole Richie dressed in her overalls with husband Joel Madden.

Nicole Richie

Blake Lively in her greenish overall denims. Seems like Blake is into green fashion. Check out her green leather jacket we uploaded earlier.


And, last but not the least, Rihanna in her Diesel leather overalls.



Black Overall Dress for Asian Girls
13 January 2010

Who knew there’s such a thing as a dress overalls or overall dress? Well, we didn’t. We’re a fashion ignoramus in that sense. Anyhoo, judging from the above photo of this cute Asian girl, the dress overalls (or whatever its called) appears to have been inspired by the men’s overalls which the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Kid Rock love to wear.

We’ve going to bet ten dollars that we will eventually see the cross-dressing MMA fighter Alex Reid wearing dress overalls sometime in the future. Want to bet?


Osh Kosh Denim Overalls: Pink Fashion Style
24 November 2010

girls bib overalls - celebrities wearing overalls - pink

Don’t you just love American singer pink in her blue denim bib overalls? Sure she doesn’t look very glamorous on her outfit but these are actually the kind of photos that makes celebs more accessible because their fans can more identify with them in their everyday non-glamorous clothes.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Pink just announced to the world (via Ellen) that she’s pregnant. Congratulations and here’s hoping for a healthy little Pink baby.

Want more women’s overalls? Check out Emma Parker Bowles’s mechanic coveralls and Keira Knightley’s overalls during a Chanel commercial shoot [check it out in our post on Blue Chanel Dresses].