Wolfgang Novogratz Shirtless, Girlfriend, Family

Wolfgang Novogratz Shirtless, Girlfriend, Family. Did you watch Alice Wu’s The Half of It already? Not yet? Well, what are you doing? Go check it out now on Netflix. It’s a really cool coming-of-age story about a nerdy Asian girl and a jock but shy white boy who fall for the same Latina girl who is in a relationship with a handsome and rich WASP guy who knows that he is handsome and rich.

We already blogged about the actor who plays the shy jock — see our post on Daniel Diemer — so, this time, we’ll be focusing on the guy who plays the rich dude: Wolfgang Novogratz. He may a douchebag in the movie but Wolfie (yeah, we’re going to give him a nickname) looks like a chill papi in real life.

wolfgang novogratz the half of it

Aww. Ain’t he cute, with them dimples and all! To date, the actor already has 9 IMDB credits to his name and this includes his appearance on the reality show 9 By Design which starred him, his six siblings, and their designer parents Bob and Cortney Novogratz who own the design firm, Sixx Design, which is based in New York City.

Those of you who watched the movie, The Last Summer, will be familiar with our Wolfie because he was cast as Foster in said film. As it happens, someone screencapped his shirtless scenes for the thirsty THOTs among us. Hehe.

Wolfgang Novogratz body - pool

He’s floating and chilling with a rubber ducky but, damn, he looks uncomfortable because of the way he’s positioned.

Wolfgang Novogratz shirtless - the last summer

Where does one hire a shirtless landscaper?

Wolfgang Novogratz hot in the last summer

Wolfgang Novogratz Girlfriend? Is he dating anyone at the moment? We do not know but we’ll update this post once we do learn anything about his relationship status. We did find this photo of the gorgeous actor, going kissy kissy with a lady, on a Facebook fan page dedicated to the actor.

wolfgang novogratz girlfriend or gay

Another photo we grabbed from said fan page; it’s a shirtless Wolfgang running in a pair of Adidas performance wear. Awww. You might want to follow the actor on Instagram @wolfgangnovogratz.

Wolfgang Novogratz underwear - adidas

A shirtless modeling pic.

Wolfgang Novogratz shirtless hot body

And chillin’ in a wetsuit with abs and all.

Wolfgang Novogratz shirtless wetsuit

And, here’s probably our favorite photo of the guy.

Wolfgang Novogratz smoking hot

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