Winter Underwear for Men: Classic and Modern Long Johns

Winter Underwear for Men: Classic and Modern Long Johns. Want to keep you or your man warm this winter? Well, you can’t go wrong if you get yourself a pair of long johns underwear whether it be one of them classic cotton thermals or the modern versions made of synthetic fabric. Now, since we are talking about winter underwear for men, this gives us an excuse to post these photos of gorgeous men rocking their long johns underwear.

winter underwear for men 2018 - Steven Di Costa

For those who are wondering, the guy above is London-based male model Steven di Costa. He kinda looks like Tom Hiddleston, doesn’t he?

Who says you can’t wear your long johns underwear outside? Surely not Francesco Soave in this photoshoot for Johnny Lopera. Anyone out there who, like our friend Kevin, is wishing that they’re that sheep Francesco is carrying? Oh wait, is that a real sheep or just a toy sheep?

guys in long johns 2017 FRANCESCO SOAVE BY JOHNNY LOPERA

Zascha Knochell looking fab modeling long johns winter underwear for men from the Oskar Franks collection. This Nike Pro Combat legging is used more as an athleisure wear but who says you can’t wear them to bed to keep yourself warm during the cold winter months.

winter underwear for men 2017 2018 - nike pro combat

Aside from your winter undies, you can keep yourself warm drinking coffee in the morning.

winter underwear for men 2018 - morning coffee

Model Daniel Markus is looking good in his thermals.

winter underwear for men 2017 2018 - Daniel Markus

Let us end this post on winter underwear for men in 2018 with this photo of German twins Alessandro and Nicolas Hasni. Do you think you can look as awesome as these guys in your winter undies? If you do, then good for you. But you gotta send us photos of yourself in your long johns for us to decide whether you can give these guys a run for their modeling money. Hehe.

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