Winter Coats For Men: Hermes Menswear Fashion Style Watch

Winter Coats For Men: Hermes Menswear Fashion Style Watch. Wondering about what coat to wear for the cold winter months? Well, what do you think of these designer men’s coats by Hermes? Cool and fabulous? Or do you think it’s meeh and that you’d rather go for Louis Vuitton winter coats.

winter coats for men by hermes

Or maybe you are more of a “sweater guy” rather than a “coat guy”. Hah, we should totally start a debate on sweater vs. coat debate a-la boxers vs. briefs. Anyhoo, if you are a sweater guy, then go check out these Hermes sweaters for men.

For those of you who are going gaga over our male model, let us introduce you to him: His name is Nicolas Ripoll, he is from Argentina (yay, another sexy Argentina hunk), and he’s currently ranked at #25 in’s list of the Top 50 Male Models.

Why is he ranked among the top male models? Here’s what the people of say about this Argentine hottie’s awesomeness: “Modeling needs more models like Nicolas. Savvy and sexy with cheekbones that can cut glass, Nicolas has been a designer favorite for the past several seasons at the blue chip shows. Seeing him this season in the lush Bottega Veneta campaign proves that a great model will always be in fashion.”

Oh wait, we’re supposed to talk about fall/winter coats. Hehehe. Well, here’s our Nico (let’s call him Nico, shall we?) all dressed up and ready to go to work as a banker, stockbroker, or investment analyst. Oops, those are not exactly popular jobs right now given how them banker guys drove the whole world into a ditch.

Anyhoo, our Nico’s looking cool in his double-breasted long coat, doesn’t he? [Update: Oops, sorry, we updated the wrong photo. That is soo not a double-breasted coat.]

Winter Coats For Men hermes


Winter Coats for Men: Hermes Menswear Fashion Update

hermes designer menswear fall winter coats

Let’s have more designer fashion for men from the house of Hermes. What do you think of these fall/winter coat collection from the label’s Fall/Winter menswear offering? Fabulous and stylish enough for you?

Winter Coats For Men hermes long cost

Want more men’s fashion from this designer? Check out these Hermes leather jackets and Robert Pattinson’s Hermes suit.

Winter Coats For Men: Hermes Menswear Fashion Style Watch. Latest update on 22 May 2017.