Will Tudor Shirtless, Girlfriend, Industry Hunk

Will Tudor Shirtless, Girlfriend, Industry Hunk. We’ve already introduced you to David Jonsson, now let’s check out his hookup buddy Will Tudor on the BBC/HBO Max drama Industry. On the show, Will plays Theo Tuck who is described as a a second year research analyst with an “establishment charm” and strong counter-consensus market calls that easily make him a Pierpoint poster boy.

Industry has received generally positive reviews from critics — it currently has a 76% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes — and is a hit among TV viewers so it is no surprise when the powers-that-be announced that the series is being renewed for a second season.

This show is Will’s 14th acting project according to IMDB. His credits include high profile shows such as Shadowhunters (where he played the charming shadowhunter Sebastian Verlac), Humans (where he was a sympathetic robot), and most importantly Game of Thrones where, to borrow the words from his IMDB bio, he plays “a saucy young man who rarely seems to wear any clothes”.

If you watched GOT, you’d know why Will’s character — Olyvar — rarely seem to wear any clothes because, after all, he is a spy and male prostitute who uses his masculine charms not only to hook up with guys such as Pedro Pascal’s Prince Oberyn but to also spy on them.

will tudor gay olyver with prince oberyn pedro pascal

will tudor shirtless hunk

will tudor body

Will Tudor Gay or Straight in Real Life? You might think he is a friend of Dorothy given the fact that he has no issues playing LGBT character but our British hunk reportedly dating actress Katherine McNamara so we’re gonna say he’s straight.

Here’s Will and Katherine, who was his co-star in Shadowhunters, chillin’ together:

will tudor girlfriend katherine mcnamara - shadowhunters

We can’t find any photos of the actor rocking his underoos but he’s a shirtless one where he gives us a peek of what he wears under them jeans.

will tudor body - peekabo underwear

Tight-fitting shirt? Nice!

will tudor body fit shirt

He’s got a great smile, doesn’t he?

will tudor gay in real life

will tudor hot british men

will tudor hot hunk

Here’s another peekabo underwear photo of Will because why not.

will tudor shirtless body

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