Will Smith Underwear: Boxer Briefs in I Robot

Will Smith Underwear Update. Twelve years later, we are updating this post about Hollywood A-Listed Will Smith in his underoos by bringing you the, well, the latest photos of Will in his underoos which he shared to his social media followers. You gotta give it to the guy. At 53 years old, he’s in a much better shape than our beau at 32.

will smith underwear boxer briefs2

will smith underwear boxer briefs

Young Will be like….

young will smith

Will Smith Underwear (24 April 2009). What kind of underwear does the Hollywood A-Lister prefer to wear? Apparently he likes him his boxer briefs. Here’s a really buffed and bulging Will Smith in boxer shorts.

will smith young underwear

Does anyone know from what movie this still photo is from? Another pic of Will below. If we are not mistaken, these photos are from his movie, I Robot.

will smith underwear boxers or brief

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UPDATE: As some of you confirmed in the comments, the photos above are indeed from I, Robot a 2004 science fiction action movie about a servant robot who may or may not have killed its human master.

Will Smith Shirtless Workout. Here’s a shirtless Will Smith working out in I, Robot.

will smith shirtless workout

How did he get in such a terrific shape? Men’s Health has what it claims to be the Hollywood superstar’s workout plan as revealed to them by his trainer Darrell Foster:

SMITH’S PROGRAM: Each of his 5-day-a-week lifting sessions focused on one or two body parts. He ran at least 5 miles 6 days a week, and he boxed twice a week. “There is no better fitness regimen than the one a professional fighter uses,” Foster says.

SMITH’S PROGRESS: In 3 months, Smith’s bench press increased by 75 pounds, to 385–35 pounds more than he benched during Ali. A high-protein, high-carbohydrate diet maximized muscle repair. With his metabolic rate cranked up from the extra muscle, he slowly reduced his food intake to burn fat, cutting–but not eliminating–carbs. You need carbs to keep your brain sharp and fuel your workout routines, says Foster. After 6 months, Smith’s body fat had shrunk to 7.5 percent, down from 12 percent. And all those zero-body-fat robots never had a chance.

The Academy-nominated actor also appeared in another sci-fi movie, I am Legend, which also showed him working out with his shirt off. Check out his movie workout photos.

Run, Will Smith, run!

will smith shirtless workout

will smith shirtless body

Will doing that “pull up my whole body” thing.

will smith wokout pullup bars

Will Smith working out with the pull-bars:

will smith shirtless workout

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