Will Smith Belstaff Leather Jacket: I Am Legend Movie

Will Smith Belstaff Leather Jacket: I Am Legend Movie. Will Smith in his black Belstaff leather jacket from his apocalyptic movie, I Am Legend. In particular, the Hollywood A-Lister is wearing a Belstaff Wax and Belted Trial Master Sport Jacket. The bag he’s carrying around in the movie is also by Belstaff (Belstaff Colonial Shoulder Bag).

Will Smith Belstaff Leather Jacket

Want more Hollywood celebrities in Belstaff leather jackets?

Will Smith Belstaff Leather Jacket i am legend

In this scene below, Will is wearing a Belstaff 1942 Police Boots.

Will Smith Belstaff Leather

Now, since we are on the subject of Will Smith’s outfits in I Am Legend, we might as well take a look at his outfits in another movie, Hancock, shall we? Check him out wearing a Nike Air Jordan 1 Old Love New Love Edition.

Will Smith Belstaff i am legend

Then here’s Will as the anti-hero Superhero all clad up in a leather suit. It must be hot inside that suit no? We think the outfit is custom-made while his fabulous sunglasses is from Prada (specifically Prada Sport 10GS Sunglasses).

Speaking of sunglasses, check out the Oscar-nominated actor’s Dita Cazal 902 Sunglasses.

And here’s another pair – this time its a RayBan 3154 Predator Sunglasses – which our Will wore in his cop movie, Bad Boys II. [Deena says: We’re loving his beanie hat.]

Now let’s move on to Will Smith’s fashion style from the movies to his outfits in real life. He’s looking good in this sporty Nike N98 Track Jacket, doesn’t he? [Deena says: I love, love, love it. It’s a very wearable jacket. Clean and chic.]

Then here’s the 42-year-old actor playing golf in his Adidas Mens Tour 360 LTD Golf Shoes. [Deena says: Name other celebrities who were spotted wearing this particular Adidas golf shoes? Answer: Formula One Superstar Lewis Hamilton, cutie hunk Josh Duhamel, 2009 PGA Champion Y.E. Yang, and a lot of others too many to name.]

Let’s end this post on Will Smith’s sartorial choices with this photo of him wearing a pale green Lacoste shirt.

Aww. He may be in his 40s but he’s still a cutie pie, isn’t he. We’re pretty sure Andy Roddick (the celebrity endorser for Lacoste will approve of his shirt of choice.

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