Will Mellor Underwear: Boxer Briefs and Red CK Santa Underwear

Will Mellor Underwear: Boxer Briefs and Red Calvin Klein Santa Underwear. Of course you want to see English pop star and actor Will Mellor in his underwear. Who doesn’t? And Will, who’s reportedly going to star in a new BBC comedy show called White Van Man, knows that you wanna check out his undies. Why else would he be posing in all his underwear glory?

Will Mellor Underwear peekabo

Here’s our English boy in bed wearing nothing but a pair of black Calvin Kleins.

will mellor underwear calvin kleins

Here he is in a pair of white boxer shorts. [Have you been working out, Mr. Mellor? You’ve got nice muscles.]

will mellor underwear white boxer briefs

Clearly, Will is more of a boxers guy rather than a briefs guy. Check out the awesome photo below of our man as a naked Santa in a pair of red Calvin Klein low-cut boxers.

will mellor underwear santa claus impressive package

Does he have an impressive package or what? We’re still debating whether it is the real deal (if it is, he’s a really lucky guy) or whether he’s wearing one of them ridiculously enhanced underwear which has become some kind of a trend encouraged by men’s underwear designers these past few years. You decide: Is Will’s Santa package for real or is it enhanced?

Enhanced or not, we’d still hit it. He looks good in the shower too.

will mellor shirtless

will mellor body

You want more than Will’s underwear? Well, check out these earlier blog entries we posted about him:

Will Mellor in Stunt Accident (25 February 2009). Another stunt accident in a production site? Thankfully this time, the accident isn’t as bad as what happened to David Holmes. The Sun reports that actor Will Mellor damaged his knee ligament when he landed badly during a shooting for the BBC comedy Two Pints of Lager.

Says Will of the accident: “I landed badly and my knee just gave way. I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes. I did the scene in one take though, so the director was happy! But maybe I should get a stuntman in the future.”

No word yet on whether an operation is needed.

Men in G-Strings Striptease: Daniel Macpherson, Will Mellor, and Scott Wright
13 March 2009

Wow. This is hilarious. Daniel Macpherson, Will Mellor & Scott Wright. From tortoise69: “Australian actor Daniel Macpherson took part in a strip tease for charity with fellow actors Will Mellor and Scott Wright. This was recorded for Children In Need a few years back after Daniel had left Neighbours, and took on the role of Cameron Tait in The Bill.”

For us, the really interesting part begins in the 3:30 mark. Enjoy watching the video.

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