Wilf Scolding Shirtless, Girlfriend, Hot Chef

Wilf Scolding Shirtless, Girlfriend, Hot Chef. Let’s add Wilf Scolding to our list of Welsh Male Celebrities, shall we? A graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, the 30-year-old actor will be starring in the upcoming Netflix show The One where he plays the love interest of the lead character.

To date, our Welsh hottie has a total of 18 acting projects the most prominent of which would be his appearance on the finale of the seventh season of Game of Thrones where he played Rhaegar Targaryen who turned out to be the father of Jon Snow. Here’s the actor with co-star Aisling Franciosi who played Lyanna Stark.

Wilf Scolding girlfriend or wife

Wilf Scolding game of thrones

Aside from being a legit actor, Wilf is also a legit chef. Here’s a photo of one of his catering gigs he shared on his Instagram account (follow him @wilf.scolding).

Wilf Scolding chef

In an interview with celebmix.com, he talks about his other job as a chef: “I still chef! I run the kitchen in a little cafe and it’s nice to be able to switch off from both worlds. I was a chef for a little while before going to drama school, and I got back into it since graduating. I’m sure a lot of actors talk about in between jobs, and that’s one of my favourite ones. I really enjoy cooking and I enjoy learning from other people. A lot of chefs are very gifted and my favourite thing is to learn about different countries, cultures and cuisines. I was recently in Calais and learnt a lot of Syrian recipes and just using spices I’d never thought of using before, it’s fascinating.”

Wilf Scolding Shirtless Photos. Now, here are some shirtless photos of the guy for the thirsty hoes among us here on Famewatcher:

Wilf Scolding body hot

According to The Stars Come Out to Play, from which we “borrowed” the actors shirtless pics, these images are from a play called The Picnic.

Wilf Scolding shirtless body

Wilf Scolding shirtless

And here’s a more recent shirtless pic of the actor which he shared on Instagram. Can you decipher the brand of his peekabo underwear? Reads like MCK something.

Wilf Scolding underwear peekabo

Wilf Scolding Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We do not know the answers to thes questions but he did share this photo celebrating Pride Week back in 2019. Maybe he is a very supportive straight ally?

Wilf Scolding gay or straight

We also found this photo of him and a girl on the Daily Mail. Maybe his girlfriend?

Wilf Scolding girlfriend instagram

He’s looking hawt, hawt, hawt on the red carpet.

wilf scolding hot welsh actor

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