White Speedo Men, Summer Edition: The Bravest Swimwear Lovers?

White Speedo Men, Summer Edition: The Bravest Swimwear Lovers? Let’s continue blogging about guys who wear Speedos and, for this post, let’s check out these models and celebrities who love them their white swimsuits. Kevin, with good reason, describes these guys as the bravest Speedo “wearers” because, white Speedos, are the most revealing outfit when it comes to men’s swimwear. Anyhoo, let’s begin our list of guys who rock their white Speedos with Brazilian football player Netinho Moraes who looks effin hawt posing like a male model below.

white speedo hunks - Netinho Moraes - brazilian football player

Monty Thomas (@montythemonstar).

white speedo hunks - @montythemonstar - monty thomas

Giovanni Mentuccia (@giovannimentuccia)

white speedo hunks - @giovannimentuccia on instagram

Just because Macedonia DJ radio producer Tasos Rizopoulos macedonia has a voice for radio doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a body for male modeling, no?

white speedo guys - Tasos Rizopoulos macedonia dj radio producer

Lucas Bloms in Emporio Armani swimwear for International Jock.

white speedo guys - lucas bloms for international jock in emporio armani swimwear

Who says older gentlemen or zaddies can’t pull of the Speedo look? Certainly not Swiss model Ig Gibby (@ig_gibby on Instagram).

white speedo dads - @ig_gibby - swiss older model

Want another Speedo dad like the dude above? Here’s Danilo Scherma who you might want to follow on Instagram @danilo.scherma.

white speedo dads - @danilo.scherma Danilo Scherma

Any of you have a clue on who the next guy below is? We know we’ve seen him somewhere but we have no idea what his name is.

white speedo hunks @carloseffort

We gotta give props to Trevor Donovan who’s been wowing us with his looks back when we started this site more than ten years ago. Here’s the actor rocking his white Speedo suits:

white speedo hunks - trevor donovan2

white speedo hunks - trevor donovan

Alberto Pellegrini is an Italian model who you can follow on Instagram @albepelle98.

men in white speedos Alberto Pellegrini

Who says only male models wear Speedos? Certainly not Brazilian dentist and professor Dr. Caio Soeiro who looks every inch a model in the pic below.

white speedo hunks - Prof. Dr. Caio Soeiro brazilian dentist and model

Any idea on this sculpted Greek god lounging in his white Armani swimsuit for men? Pic is reportedly by Mario Testino.

white speedo hunks - male model photo by mario testino for armani

Circus artist Allen Hansen enjoys a solitary moment by the sea.

white speedo hunks - circus artist curtis allen hansen

Another male model who we, unfortunately, have no clue on with regards to his name or identity.

white speedo hunks - unnamed male model

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