White Jeans for Men: Stephan Weiler, Swiss Male Model

White Jeans For Men Fashion Style. Male fashion question of the day: Should men wear white jeans? Sure, fashion wise, there’s no problem with men wearing white jeans. Our only problem with it is the fact that, as we mentioned in an earlier post, white jeans – or any white clothing for that matter – do not hide the stain/dirt in your outfit. Unlike blue jeans or any dark colored clothes which kind of masks the dirt/stain you pick up while wearing them, white jeans kind of advertises your lack of cleanliness.

Dirty white jeans is not a turn off for us however if the guy wearing them is Swiss male model Stephan Weiler. Joke. Joke.

white jeans for men


Celebrities and Male Models Wearing White Jeans. Some celebrities who were spotted wearing white jeans include British actor Harry Eden.

white jeans for men models harry eden

William Moseley, star of the Chronicles of Narnia, is a white jeans wearer too.

Gay boyfriends Jeric and Aden are wearing Rufskin white jeans in the photo below.

fufskin white jeans for men gay

Finally, here’s male model Bryce Harper rocking his white jeans in this photoshoot with Rick Day.

stylish white jeans for men

You can see more of Bryce in our post on Sexy Jeans for Men.

white jeans for men male model bryce thompson

Anyhoo, here are other blog posts we wrote in the past about white jeans for men.


Asian Boy in White Jeans: Asian Treasure Trail
22 December 2009

white jeans for men asian guy

Today in men in jeans, we bring you this really really cute Asian boy (can anyone please identify him) in his white jeans. Okay, we must admit that his pants are nice and kind of fashionable but we are more attracted to his treasure trail. That’s probably one of the sexiest snail trail we’ve ever seen in the interwebs.


White Denim Jeans For Men
20 July 2010

We have more photos for those of you Famewatchers who love your men in white jeans. But then again, don’t we all love our men in white jeans, so this post is really for all of us. There’s something sexy about guys in white jeans, no? We like it especially if they go commando. Hehe.

As in the case of the Asian boy, we’d appreciate it if you can identify this “Indian” male model.

White Jeans For Men Fashion Style: Models and Celebrities Wearing White Jeans. Posted 15 December 2009. Updated 2 June 2017.