What’s Landon Lueck Doing Now: Married, Wife, Family?

Landon Lueck Now: What’s He Doing These Days? Following his victories on The Challenge (where he won three of the four seasons he competed in), our bald hottie called it a day and moved on with his life.

So what is he doing these days? Apparently, he founded the Executive Cycling Excursions which “specializes in luxury cycling day trips including transportation, nutrition, trail and road guiding services with fully supported, individually tailored and completely private mountain and road bike rides.”

Here’s an older Landon conquering the mountains with his bike:

landon lueck now - executive cycling

Landon with a pal (or a client) on a cycling adventure:

landon lueck now - executive cycling - pal or client

Aside from his cycling business, Landon is also a dental equipment and technology specialist according to his LinkedIn profile.

Landon Lueck is the OG Hot Felon. Remember the Hot Felon guy (Jeremy Meeks) that the internet drooled over a few years back? Well, Landon is the OG Hot Felon although, to be honest, we do not know if getting arrested for assaulting a horse makes one a felon.

landon lueck hot felon

Now, when we read that he was arrested for assaulting a horse we went, “Oh no, Landon. Please tell us you didn’t”. Good thing what he did was not as bad as what we initially thought when we read the word “assault”.

The Smoking Gun has the details on how Landon ended posing for the above mugshot at the Dane County Sheriff’s Office:

According to a misdemeanor criminal complaint, an intoxicated and “extremely belligerent” Lueck was told that he would have to leave a University of Wisconsin-Penn State game. When he refused to leave, a mounted cop “attempted to guide Mr. Lueck away from the area.” Lueck responded by grabbing the animal’s neck and trying to push it away. When the cop tried to again nudge him along, Lueck “continued to push back at the horse and refused to leave.” He was then arrested and charged with “harassment of police animal.”

Thank heavens that that’s what happened. Anyhoo, we’ve already written an uncharacteristically long post so let’s end this with a photo of Landon modeling 2xist underwear, shall we?

landon lueck underwear 2xist

Landon Lueck as an Underwear Model (31 July 2020). We came across this photo on a blog which identified the guy in the middle as David Beckham and we’re like, “That’s not Beckham. Sure the former football star has a knack for posing in his underwear but that’s totally not the Becks.”

But who’s the bald hottie? We found out that his name is Landon Lueck and that he’s a veteran of MTV reality shows particularly Real World (Philadelphia) which went on to evolve as The Challenge.

You could say that Landon is pretty famous because his modeling gig was featured in a newspaper back when print media was still a thing. By the way, for those wondering, these guys are modeling Wax Brand underwear which appears to have ceased operations because we can’t find it on the nets.

landon lueck underwear model

Apparently, Landon was a great competitor on The Challenge and is, in fact, ranked by Michael Alvey at #3 in his list of the Greatest Male Players in Challenge History:

Arguably the greatest competitor in the history of the show, Landon was one of the few players who didn’t need politics to thrive. He dominated every season he was on physically, leaving one of the most enduring legacies in the history of The Challenge despite appearing on just four seasons.

Landon Lueck Gay or Straight? Single or Married? During an Instagram live, Veronica Portillo strongly hinted that Landon is a friend of Dorothy which led to a Reddit thread condemning Veronica for essentially trying to out the guy from the closet.

Some of the Redditors who say that Landon is a member of the LGBT community point to the fact that he apparently shared a dream where he is doing it with a dude (Ryan or David). Meanwhile, the Redditors on the other side point out that sleep dreams are nothing and that, in actuality, his romantic entanglements while he was on the show were with members of the opposite gender.

We are with the second group rather than the first one because, actions speaks louder than dreams. Haha. Anyhoo, in a post he wrote on his blog (landonlueck.blogspot.com) back in May 2010, Landon writes about how he proposed to a girl named Kate:

From landonlueck.blogspot.com: “Days after my arrival home I set up a luncheon with my girlfriend’s father to ask him the toughest question I’ve ever had to ask….up to that point anyway. 2-hours later and four questions later he had a future son-in-law.”

Awww. He asked her father’s permission. We haven’t watched him on his reality shows but we are loving Landon coz he sounds like a standup dude.

He continues: “April 1st I received my hiring confirmation from Henry Schein. I used that to lure Kate in for a bottle of wine and an unexpected proposition to be my wife. A few hours into the night (around 1am) I finished her massage with slipping this (see below) onto her left hand.”

landon lueck engagement ring with kate

And finally, he wrote: “A few tears later and a whole lot of not knowing what to do or say next and we were engaged! Say hello to the future Mrs. Landon Lueck!”

landon lueck wife or fiance kate

Ain’t that cute? We do not know if they went on to tie the knot or whether they eventually parted ways but their happy smiles also make us smile.

landon lueck married to kate or not

Landon Lueck is Hot Whether Bald or Curly-Haired. Not a lot of people can rock a curly hair but a young Landon looks good with his curlicues.

landon lueck hair curly in real world

landon lueck hair curly in real world2

He is also rocking the bald look, ain’t he?

landon lueck hot bald guy

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