Whatever Happened to Jesus Luz aka Madonna’s Ex Boyfriend?

Whatever Happened to Jesus Luz aka Madonna’s Ex Boyfriend? Eleven years later, we are updating this post to answer a question with one of you sent to us: what is Jesus Luz doing now? Well, you’d be happy to know that he is as cute as ever. And he continues to have a curly hair which our friend Deena finds very attractive. Now, if you want to know more about his life these days, the easiest thing to do would be to follow him on Instagram (@jesusluz).

For those of you wondering about his relationship stat, he is now very much married to a model named Carol Ramiro; the couple have a girl named Malena.

jesus luz wife carol ramiro

During a recent interview with a Brazilian magazine Revista Quem, Jesus talked about his relationship with Madonna and reveals that he is thankful of her for expanding his view on things.

He says of the experience: “Living with Madonna has influenced the mindset I have today. I was very young when we dated and had an incredible life experience with her. I am extremely grateful to her. She inspired me to be the human being that I am today, more open to the unknown and more understanding of differences. I try to pass all this on to my daughter.”

Jesus adds: “I’m a very open-minded father, in a good way. My daughter is free to be whatever she wants, within the ethical principles that Carol [his wife] and l believe. I don’t agree with boy or girl toys. My daughter will play with whatever she wants. S*xism does not have a place in my house. I needed to stop being sexist. I am very mature now. I made this transition and believe we should all stop being s*xist.”

Madonna, with all her faults these days (i.e., arriving hours late to her concerts), deserves props from us for expanding the worldview of our Brazilian hunk. Props to Jesus too for being open-minded and for his willingness to learn and putting into action what he has learned. Want more hot Brazilian men?

Jesus Luz Shirtless and Underwear Modeling Photos (14 August 2019). We have been blogging about Madonna boytoy (ex boytoy?) Brazilian model Jesus Luz but this is the first time we see him in his underwear.

jesus luz madonna boytoy modeling photos

He is kind of hot but, to be honest, we give more hotness points to his fellow Brazilian male models, Edilson Nascimento and Leandro Okabe. Edilson and Leandro are beyond hot, guy candies that our eyes never tire of.

jesus luz underwear model

Jesus Luz is an Adult Actor? (posted 1 February 2009). Hey, look. Madonna’s boytoy Jesus Luz starred in an, uhm, adult entertainment movie. Nothing wrong with that. We’re just saying.

The Sun reports: “But until his recent brush with rock royalty, Jesus was a relatively unknown male model who even made a one-off appearance in an amateurish Brazilian soft-porn TV show called Hostel. In it a trio of scantily-clad actresses bring to life the sexual fantasies sent in by viewers and Jesus starred as a character called Diogo whose girlfriend attempts to lure him into a threesome.”

Hmmm, Sun, do you know where we can get hold of this TV show? We are asking for research.

Cougar Watch: Madonna, Jesus Luz, and Kabbalah (posted 15 February 2009). Is Madonna converting current squeeze Jesus Luz to her Kabbalah religion? Looks like it. That’s Jesus leaving a Kabbalah meeting with Madonna and son, David Banda (below). The Daily Mail is calling them the Holy Trinity which might not be fitting as Kabbalah is a Jewish sect. But then again, maybe its indeed apt to call them the Holy Trinity because nothing is impossible with Madonna. She did snag a 20 year old boyfriend, didn’t she?

Sean Penn on Madonna and Jesus Luz (posted 25 February 2009). Haha. Isn’t this cute? From Socialite Life: “At presumably her own Oscar after party, Sean showed up, Madonna gushed congratulations while he took one look at Jesus and quipped, ‘Thanks. Another kid already?’ Oh, touché, Sean Penn!”

Touche indeed. Five bucks says Madonna will dump Jesus and get herself another kid in five months.

Jesus Luz Shirtless Modeling Photos. Let us end this post with these modeling photos of Jesus, shall we. We love, love, love him in the Rufskin leather pants.

jesus luz shirtless

jesus luz shirtless

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